Happy Russian Victory Day! 75 years from the victory in WWII !

On the 9th of May all Russians all over the world celebrate THE GREAT RUSSIAN VICTORY DAY!🌟 Victory in the WWII. Below you will find the pictures of the Hero-City Leningrad (St-Petersburg today) taken during the 990-days of siege:
1). St Isaacs cathedral
2-3). Peterhof Grand Palace
4-5-6). Catherine palace in Tsars village
7). Celebration after the first Victory Parade in 1945
8). Last victory parade in 2019.

P.S – This year due to the #Covid19 outbreak, there was no Russian Victory day parade, no “immortal regiment”, no big celebrations. But still all people somehow honored the brave soldiers and their relatives who died during the war. According to the official numbers, Russia lost 26 million people in this war. But nobody knows the exact numbers of course. That is why, to celebrate Russian Victory Day in 2020 during the quarantine and self-isolation made, people put the portraits of the relatives in their windows, lighted up the candles, sang old Soviet military songs from the balconies and decorated their balconies with flags. I am very proud to live in this country with such great people and great history!🎈🎈🎈🎉🎊 #ww2 #siegeofleningrad #75yearsfromtheworldwar2 #saintpetersburg #victoryday #mayday #russianhistory #elzaguide #russianguide 

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