Faberge Eggs


Elegant and sparkling Russian souvenirs. Replicas of the great Faberge Imperial Eggs!

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All these elegant Easter Faberge Eggs are well decorated with brass, crystalls, fine imitations of pearls, gilded patterns and jewelry enamels in the style of Carl Faberge. He was the Court jeweller who designed Gifts and Presents for the Russian Tsars – Alexander III and his son Nicholas II. According to the ancient Russian tradition once a year on Easter Day they presented such Eggs for their beloved mothers and wives. Nowadays this tradition is still preserved in Russia and Faberge Eggs are extremely popular among natives and tourists. All replicas of Faberge Imperial Eggs are made by hands of local craftsmen according to Faberge designs. As in the 19th century all Eggs have a small surprize inside and can be used as jewelry-boxes. Some authentic miniature Easter Eggs are music-boxes.

If you are interested in a particular color and a partucular size with a special surprize inside, contact us and we will help you to make an order and we willsend you a special Faberge Egg price. We can also send you more pictures of the chosen item.

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Faberge eggs

Yellow Coronation Faberge Egg, White Coronation Egg, Red Coronation Egg, Pink Medium Coronation Egg, Lilies of the Valley Red Faberge Egg, Lilies of the Valley White Egg, Small Pink Lilies of the Valley Faberge Egg, Blue Lilies of the Valley Faberge Egg

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