Dear travelers, we invite you to the Trans Siberian Adventure! Over 19 days of this outstanding trip you will see the whole entirely Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok! This Trans Siberian railway tour includes Russian train tickets, hotels, breakfasts, lunches, private local guides and private transportation services. Our drivers and guides will take care of you and will make your stay in Russia very memorable!

DAY 1 – Your package tour will start in Moscow, our professional ShowmeRussia Team will meet you in the Moscow Airport with a special sign and will make you a transfer to the hotel. Our standard Transsiberian Tour Packages that you can book online on our website include accommodation in centrally located, clean 3-star hotels in each city, but if you would like to upgrade your accommodation or choose a specific hotel in each town, please, contact us and we will organize a special customized Trans Siberian Railway Tour for you. After the check-in you will have leisure time in Moscow, to walk around, visit typical Russian restaurant, or to enjoy a Boat Tour along Moskva River on a  luxurious Radisson boat. For additional information, please check Show me Moscow Boat Tour.

DAY 2 – Your private tour guide will wait for you in the hotel lobby until you are ready to set off for a sightseeing tour around Moscow, if your hotel is far from the Kremlin, you would use the Moscow Subway system to get closer. Some tourists call it an underground museum, so you will be able to admire the Moscow Metro, constructed in the Soviet Times during the reign of Stalin. Your tour guide will also show you main attractions of Moscow, including the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Sparrow Hills, Moscow State University, the Arbat Street, the Bolshoi theatre, Soviet Skyscrapers, mysterious building of KGB Headquarters, and many more.

DAY 3 – On the next day of your stay in Moscow you will venture to the very heart of Russia – the Russian Kremlin, Kremlin Palace, the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Canon, the Armoury, Lenin Mausoleum, GUM store, the monument to Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square.

DAY 4 – On the 4th day of your tour your private driver will make a transfer for you to the Railway Station and show you inside the train to Yekaterinburg where you will arrive the next day in the evening at approximately 8 PM .

DAY 5 – After the comfortable and relaxing trip on the Trans Siberian express you will be met in Yekaterinburg Railway Station and our driver will transport you to the hotel and after the check in you will have a free time to become oriented in the area nearby.

DAY 6 – After breakfast in the hotel you will enjoy a sightseeing tour around Yekaterinburg and its landmarks, then your private tour guide will show you the landmark “border between Europe and Asia” and take you to the place where Nicholas II – the last Russian Tsar and his family were assassinated by Bolsheviks. This remarkable tour is called “The last days of the last Russian Tsar”, you will discover the Ganina Yama, the church on its place and monuments dedicated to Nicholas II and his wife with their five children.

DAY 7 – In the morning you will have breakfast in the hotel, then we will transport you to the railway station in Yekaterinburg and we will show you to the train which leaves at 18:33. You will spend the whole day and night on the train, passing through Siberia and taiga, forests and rivers. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Russia.

DAY 8 – You will arrive to Novosibirsk at 18:24, we will organize a transfer for you to the hotel and after the check-in you will have spare time to enjoy a romantic dinner in the restaurant nearby and to sample Russian cuisine or to explore the surroundings on your own.

DAY 9 – In the morning after breakfast your tour guide will pick you from the hotel and show you the sightseeing tour around Novosibirsk and Akademgorodok. During the tour you will be able to see Novosibirsk State University as well as 35 other research institutes, medical academies, hotels and libraries constructed in the Soviet Period. Nowadays it is still considered to be the educational and scientific centre of Siberia.

DAY 10 – You will start your day from breakfast in the hotel and then your driver will take you to the Novosibirsk railway station where you will catch a train at 12:32 to Irkutsk – the very heart of Siberia.

DAY 11 – You will spend this day aboard the train enjoying the romantic views of Russian countryside and Siberian forests before your arrival to Irkutsk at 20:47. In the evening you will be driven to your hotel in Irkutsk and after the check-in you will have time on your hands to admire the surroundings and to see this marvellous town at night.

DAY 12 – Following breakfast you will enjoy the private guided city tour around Irkutsk and its main attractions like the Angara River embankment, the Kirov Square, the Karl Marks Street (meeting point of the most locals), and various churches and cathedrals. After the 3-hour sightseeing tour by private car you will be taken to Lake Baikal shore and you will enjoy the Taltsy Museum of Wooden architecture and Ethnography and the landscapes of Listvyanka Village with the local Fish market. Lunch in a local cafe will be included in your tour program and after lunch you will be shown to your hotel in Listvyanka village.

DAY 13 – After breakfast in the morning you will have a splendid tour around Lake Baikal’s shore – the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world which contains approximately 20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water. After the tour you will admire the exhibition inside the Baikal Museum and its Aquarium and explore the mountains along Lake Baikal including the famous panoramic area – Cherskogo Mountain Peak. This tour will include the use of private car and will take nearly 6 hours.

DAY 14 – In the morning you will have a private transfer to the Irkutsk Railway Station and catch your train at 07:47 to continue your journey. The next two days you will spend entirely on the train passing through the Siberian countryside, relaxing, and enjoying the company of other travellers.

DAY 15-16 – On train. This train trip will last 69 hours so you will arrive to Vladivostok in the morning at 06:55.

DAY 17 – On your arrival to the Russian city of Vladivostok you meet our professional team who will organize a transfer to your hotel where you will have a check-in. The tour to discover the Eastern Russian Capital now begins. You will see the edge of Russia, Russian largest port town, the city on the shore of the Pacific Ocean – Vladivostok. During this 4-hour private sightseeing tour you, will explore the S-56 submarine or the Fortress museum and the State Arseniev Museum of Primorsky Region – the Main Museum of Vladivostok which will help acquaint you with Russian Culture, history, and its inimitable nature.

DAY 18 – After breakfast get ready for the trip to Russky Island in the Peter the Great Gulf,  sea of Japan where you will enjoy not only the natural sights but also the immense military equipment which is called the Voroshilov Battery. It was used as the main defence of Russian Far Eastern borders till 1997. Nowadays it is a part of military-historic Pacific Fleet Museum. This extraordinary privately guided tour will take nearly 5 hours and will be performed in a private car or minivan. Lunch is included in the price of this tour package.

DAY 19 – This is the day when your Trans Siberian Railway Tour is finished, so after breakfast you will travel out to the Vladivostok Airport.

See you soon, dear friends!

TOUR STARTS/TOUR ENDS Moscow airport/ Vladivostok airport
TOUR PROGRAM Moscow – Yekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Irkutsk – Vladivostok
DURATION 19-days package tour
Professional Tour guides

Train tickets

Private car/minivan


Tickets to all museums shown in the itinerary  Hotels + breakfasts

Please, contact us and we’ll provide you with special group rates.
Standard prices of each Trans Siberian Railway or Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour include: accomodation in 3-star hotels, breakfasts and some lunches during long tours, private transportation, private local tour guides, tickets to all museums, churches and national parks, train tickets to the 2d class sleeping compartment carriages (in Russian “coupe” for 4 people with 2 lower and 2 upper bunks). Meals are not included to the train tickets, but most trains have a restaurant carriage where you can have lunch or dinner. If you’d like to book 5-star hotels, train tickets to the 1st class compartments (in Russian “SV” with ptivate cabins for 2 people) or to have your Trans Siberian Railway and Trans Mongolian Railway Tour on Imperial Russia, Tsar’s Gold or Golden Eagle Luxury Trains (with VIP suits), please, contact us and we’ll organize a special customized tour for you!


Day 1: Arrival to Moscow

Your guide and your private driver will be waiting for you at the Moscow airport with the sign ShowmeRussia and your name written on it, transfer to the hotel, check-in, free time.

Day 2: in Moscow

Breakfast in the hotel, city guided tour by foot and metro (4 hours).

Day 3: in Moscow

Breakfast in the hotel, private guided tour to Moscow Kremlin and St.Basil’s Cathedral by foot (5 hours).

Day 4

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the railway station, train to Yekaterinburg (departure from Moscow at 16:38, arrival to Yekaterinburg the next day at 20:04). Duration of the train trip – 25 hours.

Day 5: Arrival to Yekaterinburg

Your driver will be waiting for you on the railway station with the sign and your name written on it. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, free time.

Day 6: in Yekaterinburg

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Tour to the border between Europe and Asia
  • Tour to Ganina Yama “The Last Days of the Last Russian Tsar” (6 hours by private car/minivan).

Day 7

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the railway station, train to Novosibirsk (departure from Yekaterinburg at 16:33, arrival to Novosibirsk the next day at 18:24). Duration of the train trip – 22 hours.

Day 8: Arrival to Novosibirsk

Your driver will be waiting for you on the railway station with the sign and your name written on it. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, free time.

Day 9: in Novosibirsk

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Tour to Akademgorodok/Technopark Novosibirsk (8 hours by private car/minivan).

Day 10

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the railway station, train to Irkutsk (departure from Novosibirsk at 12:32, arrival to Irkutsk the next day at 20:47). Duration of the train trip – 31 hours.

Day 11: Arrival to Irkutsk

Your driver will be waiting for you on the railway station with the sign and your name written on it. Transfer to the hotel, check-in, free time.

Day 12: in Irkutsk

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Sightseeing tour in Irkutsk (4 hours, by private transport)
  • Transfer to Listvyanka Village
  • Visit to Taltsy Museum + lunch in a local cafe (included)
  • Arrival to the hotel in Listvyanka Village, check-in

Day 13: Lake Baikal

  • Brakfast in the hotel
  • Guided tour to Baikal Lake
  • Visit to Baikal Museum
  • Tour to the panoramic area – Cherskogo Mountain Peak (6 hours, by private transport).

Day 14

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the railway station, train to Vladivostok (departure from Irkutsk at 07:47, arrival to Vladivostok 2 days later at 06:55). Duraton of the train trip – 69 hours.

Day 15: On train


Day 16: On train


Day 17: Arrival to Vladivostok

  • Transfer to the hotel, check-in
  • Sightseeing tour in Vladivostok
  • Visit to Arseniev State Museum of Primorsky region
  • Guided tour to C-56 Submarine Museum or Fortress Museum (6 hours, by private transport).

Day 18: in Vladivostok

  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Tour to Russky Island/Russian Island
  • Visit to Voroshilov Battery Military-historical Museum
  • Lunch included in the Tour Program (5 hours, by private transport).

Day 19: Return

Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the Vladivostok airport.

Tour Reviews

5 based on 1 review
November 6, 2016

We took this journey from Moscow toVladivostok in September 2016 and it was one of the best trips of our lives. We traveled 2nd class with our Russian guide who gave us invaluable insights into the Russian history and culture, and taught us some Russian phrases. We took our own food to eat on the train as a dining service is not always assured. We also purchased home made food from the babushkas on the station platforms we stopped at, but beware that some stops are shorter than others and trains provide only hot water for free, so take water or juice with you. Locals love to chat with you and give you travel tips while on train. Stopping off in Irkuts and on the shore of Lake Baikal was brilliant and relaxing. It was one of those train adventures that we didn’t want to finish. Don’t hesitate to do this iconic rail trip.

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