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Searching for Sightseeing in Russia? Trying to find the most interesting and fascinating tourist attractions in Russia? If you have never been to Russia and don’t know where to go and what city to start with – we will help you planning your trip. Take a look at our TOP 7 Tourist Attractions in Russia:

  1. Saint-Petersburg is considered to be the most romantic city of Russia and the open-air museum because it is a home for more than 200 museums and a considerable number of churches and cathedrals. Among them – one of the largest museums in Europe – State Hermitage Museum with the collection of 3 mil. objects of art. Annually, about 200 000 international tourists visit Hermitage St Petersburg. So if you are planning to go to Russia for the first time in your life, you should definitely spend at least a weekend in Saint-Petersburg and book a Hermitage museum Tour. If you book our private guided TOUR to the Hermitage Museum, you will get private tickets and an English-speaking Tour Guide, so you won’t be lost in this huge museum building and will discover all the gems of its Royal art collection inside. For more info, please, check the article about Hermitage museum tickets – here.
  2. Whether you are in Saint-Petersburg you should also pay a visit to the most fascinating Russian Church which could be seen on all photos, all videos, brochures and guidebooks about Russia – the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood (or simply Spilled Blood Church). It is a perfect example of Russian architectural style and a unique Russian orthodox church because inside its walls are completely covered with mosaic icons made in 19th century. The church is also a memorial to Russian tsar – Alexander II, who was assassinated on the place of the church, hence its name. If you are interested in Russian churches and cathedrals and if you would like to visit this landmark and many other, check our special “Show me Russian Churches” Tour – we have the most reasonable prices for our private Russia Tours!
  3. Of course, sightseeing in Russia would not be complete without a Tour to Catherine Palace in the countryside of Saint-Petersburg where the world-famous Amber Room is on display for tourists. This Palace was the Summer Residence of Russian Tsars, the pride of Russian culture and history, the most popular place for official meetings of Russian and European leaders. For sure, it shouldn’t be missed if you planning to travel to Russia.
  4. Everyone knows that Moscow is famous for the Kremlin and the Red Square. This – is the heart of Russia, the biggest Russian city and the center of Russian power. All Russian Train Tours start in Moscow, even those tourists who are on Cruise Russia for just two or three days book Day Tours to Moscow to take a look at Russian Capital. By means of fast train it is possible to reach Moscow from Saint-Petersburg (and vice versa) in 4 hours.
  5. Another Tourist Attration of Russia which is located in Moscow is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior – it is the main orthodox cathedral of Russia and the tallest orthodox cathedral in the world (103 meters high). If you want to learn more, to see other highlights of Moscow – book our wonderful Moscow Sightseeing Tour.
  6. Veliky Novgorod is a medieval Russian city which nowadays is getting more and more popular among European tourists. It was once the orthodox and political capital of Russia that is why today there are buildings of medieval churches, cathedrals, monasteries, the Novgorod Kremlin and a unique wooden village with original wooden houses, huts, churches and storehouses which were constructed in 12th, 14th and 16th centuries by Russian peasants. We are offering private guided day-tours to Novgorod Veliky from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by trains and private cars or vans. One day is perfectly emough to see all the attractions of this Russian city.
  7. Lake Baikal – is the  the largest freshwater lake in Russia and in the whole world, containing  20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water. It is located in Siberia, near Russian city Irkutsk. It is possible to get to  this amazing natural attraction by plane or by train from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. We recommend you to take the cheapest and the most comfortable Short Trans-Siberian Tour to explore the whole Russia – From Moscow to Siberia. Enjoy Russian Train Tours and Sightseeing in Russia with “Show me Russia” Tours & Travel.

We often receive emails with questions about individual Hermitage tickets and group tickets to the State Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg. Also many tourists usually ask if our travel agency can provide VIP Hermitage museum tickets and organize VIP Hermitage entrance. In this article we will clarify different ways of buying tickets to the Hermitage museum.

Of course, during “high” travel season in Saint-Petersburg it is practically impossible to buy tickets to the State Hermitage museum, one will have to stay in line to the ticket office for about 3 or 4 hours! Furthermore, the museum will be overcrowded inside. Another option is to buy Hermitage tickets online, but, unfortunately, there is only a small number of available tickets which can be bought online on the official website of the Hermitage museum.

So if you would like to book tickets to this extremely popular museum, you should do it beforehand. At least 3 weeks before your travel to Saint-Petersburg. We would also recommend you to print your Hermitage online tickets and read carefully the information about the entrance time, the museum’s address and the rules of the museum (big bags are not allowed insight; bottles of water and any other liquids are not allowed; umbrellas and coats should be checked in the cloackroom).

If you would like to explore the State Hermitage museum on your own, you will definitely need a plan or a printed map, because the museum occupies the territory of five buildings joined together by corridors and arches so it is very easy to get lost there. But if you decided to have a guided tour to Hermitage, we would organize it with a great pleasure! We will book special Hermitage tickets for a certain time at a certain day, which will be the most suitable for you (except Mondays, because the museum is closed). Your private local guide will pick you up from your hotel and will tell you the history of Hermitage museum St Petersburg, will describe the art collection and all the paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture inside. You will learn many interesting facts from your skillful, private, local, English-speaking guide.

We are able to provide you with special early-entrance or VIP Hermitage tickets during very busy days in Summer. But it would be easier for us if you book the “Show me State Hermitage Museum Tour” at least 5 or 7 days in prior to your tour, so we would be able to reserve the most suitable tickets for you. For more information about VIP Tour to Hermitage and VIP Hermitage entrance fee (at the time of the day when the museum is practically empty and free of tourists), please, contact us and we will provide you with the special prices.