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This article is devoted to Russia Tourism and trip to Veliky Novgorod on the whole. In our previous blog posts we have already discussed how to obtain Russian visa, how to book private guided Russia tours or tour packages. We have already described TOP 10 Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Attractions and different ways of saving money while travelling to Moscow. Today, we would like to talk about Veliky Novgorod and different means of travelling there.

Veliky Novgorod – is a small mieval town only 200 km away from Saint-Petersburg. It lies on the shore of the Volkhov River and Ilmen Lake. Novgorod Russia is connected to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by highway and railway. So you can either travel there by fast train (2,5 hours) or by private transportation (3 hours). During your trip to Novgorod Russia you will enjoy a walk on the territory of one of the oldest Kremlins, you will visit 11th & 12th century Russian Churches and Monasteries with original frescoes inside, explore the traditional Russian wooden village, you will also try traditional Russian dishes and learn more about Russian culture and Russian history. Our “Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides tour packages to Novgorod with guided services, private Mercedes cars or vans and meals included in the price of the tour. Besides, we organize special 3-Day Shore Excursions St Petersburg for those who are having St Petersburg Cruise and who are staying in Saint-Petersburg for 3 days. We also provide special visa-free tours and tour tickets for cruise ship passengers.

If you prefer to go to Russia and explore this country on your own, you can book tickets to “Lastochka train” from Saint-Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod, which runs every day at 7 am approximately. If you don’t know how to book Russian train tickets online, please, contact us and we will help you with it! But it may be pretty hard for you to find all the highlights of Novgorod Russia, to find bus stops, railway stations, not to miss your trains, not to waste time standing in lines to museums and cathedrals. So we would better recommend you to buy a special Russia tour to Veliky Novgorod and save time and efforts, travel with comfort – it is cheaper today than 20 years ago. Check our St Petersburg Russia Packages and find more suitable tours for you and your friends! If you have any questions about private Russia Tours or Russia Tourism on the whole, please, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, skype, viber or whatsapp – we are online 24h to help you make the dream tour around Russia!