If you decided to go on Transsiberian Tour, you should start planning it beforehand. Train tickets in Russia are sold 45-60 days in prior to the departure date, so it’s better to decide with the itinerary around three months before you go on this unique package tour!

You can book any of our standard Trans Siberian railway tours online but if you want to change something in the itinerary, add or exclude some stopovers, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you don’t want to book any standard Transsiberian, with this post we want to help you to choose the perfect Trans Siberian or Trans Mongolian itinerary.  So, you are ready to go on the one of the most adventurous journey of your lifetime, Transsiberian or Trans Mongolian trip, what should you do?

How many days do you have for the whole trip?

First of all, you should decide how many days you have for your Trans Siberian Railway or Trans Mongolian Railway tours. If you have just a couple of weeks then you’ll be able to stop at three or four cities and spend a day or two there. If you have around three weeks you can enjoy a trip around the whole Russia! From Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok or Mongolia and China, from West to East, all way by train! If you just have a few days we would recommend you to fly out to Irkutsk and spend this time at the shore of the famous Baikal lake – that will be an unforgettable experience, no matter if you travel in Winter or in Summer. So, if you want to book any customized tour, please let us know how many days have you got for the trip so that we can offer you the best cities and the way to see them.

When approximately are you going to do the trip?

Please, let us know in which season do you want to go, so that we could arrange some special Summer or Winter tours for you. In Summer you can enjoy trekking tours and in winter – dog sledging tours, snowmobile tours, etc.

Where would you like to start and end your Trans-Siberian adventure?

Classical Trans Siberian Express covers the area from Moscow to Vladivostok or vice versa, classical Trans Mongolian Railway covers the cities from Moscow  to Ulaanbaatar or vice versa but you can actually start and end your trip anywhere on the way of your Moscow to Beijing train; we can add Saint Petersburg, Kazan and other famous Russian towns, which are not considered as Transsiberian cities but nevertheless can be visited as a part of your adventurous journey!

Do you have any preferences?

If you want to add any specific town to your itinerary: Perm, Tomsk, Omsk, Chita or any other city in Russia, Mongolia or China – we’ll be glad to make an itinerary according to your own preferences, just contact us!

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

All hotels included in our Trans Siberian Railway Tours or Trans-Mongolian Railway Trips are centrically located. clean and comfortable 3-stars ones. But if you want to upgrade your accomodation or choose any specific hotel in each city, please don’t hesitate to contact us letting us know what kind of accommodation will be perfect for you. Please, also let us know what type of room do you need.

Are meals included in Trans Siberian Railway Tour or Trans Mongolian Railway Tour packages?

Breakfasts at the hotels and some lunches during the tours are included, however meals on trains and dinners are not included.
If you want to travel Russian style, we would recommend you to buy some snacks and drinks before you take the train, because that’s how Russians do. If not, there is a restaurant on each Transsiberian and Trans Mongolian Express and we recommend you to take some cash in roubles with you, 1000 – 1500 roubles per person per day should be enough. You can also buy some food and drinks during short stops that train does on the way. Bed linen is included in the price for the train tickets, so don’t need to worry about this.
If you would like all meals to be included in the price, please, contact us for further information.

Can I pay by credit card in local restaurants or shops?

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere in Russia, though in big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg Visa and MasterCard are widely used. We suggest you to take some cash in USD or EUR with you and exchange them in a bank. We do not advice you to change money at the airport because their exchange rate is usually higher than in the city.

What kind of Russian train tickets are included in the package tour? 1st or 2nd class?

Train tickets included in our Trans Siberian Railway or Trans Mongolian Railway Tours are 2nd class (in a comfortable compartment for four persons). If you would like to upgrade your train ticket class, please contact us!

What is your citizenship?

Please, let us know about your citizenship so that we can inform you about visa requirements in Russia, Mongolia and China for your country.

What should I wear?

We recommend you to check weather forecast in each city you are going to visit beforehand and decide what kind of clothes you would like to take with you. Weather in Russia is very unpredictable, so it’s better to check the forecast one or two days before you go.
It’s always better to travel light-handed, so take some warm and comfortable clothes and proper shoes with you as well as other necessary things.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.

COVID-19 has ripped through the travel industry like a tsunami, grounding airlines, emptying hotels, halting rail and putting a stop to almost all business and leisure travel for several months. However, we are optimistic that recovery will happen quickly, and we are currently doing our best to provide safe and secure tours to Russia 2021. Here are our benefits:

  • All tours are private
  • All our vehicles are clean and sanitized
  • Our drivers wear masks
  • Our guides are all healthy with negative covid test results
  • We providehand  sanitizers, face masks and gloves for our tourists
  • We don’t go to crowded places
  • We buy special VIP tickets through VIP entrances to museum

In the near future, we believe people will continue to travel abroad, buy tours to Russia 2021 and come back to normal life.

For the international travels coming to Russia by planes or trains we advise:

  1. Wear a mask in public settings, including on public transportation and in transportation hubs such as airports and stations.
  2. Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from anyone who is not from your household.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom and after you have been in a public place.
  4. Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
  5. Bring enough of your medicine to last you for the entire trip.
  6. The safest option is to bring your own food. If you don’t bring your own food, use drive-through, delivery, take-out, and curb-side pick-up options.

Last updates according to Russian visas :

Under the new regulations, citizens of 53 countries, including EU member states, China, Japan, India and Turkey, will be able to obtain 16-day, single-entry tourist visas online from Jan. 1, 2021, Kommersant reported. Foreigners will be asked to apply on the Russian Foreign Ministry website for the visas, which will be issued no more than four days after applying and will be valid for 60 days after issuance. The visas will cost about $50 for adults and will be free for children aged 6 and under.

Additional precautions to enter Russia in 2021:

The Russian government requires that all foreign travelers present a negative PCR COVID-19 test result upon arrival, dated no later than three days prior to arrival in Russia. Besides, mandatory temperature screenings and other diagnostic and protective measures are being implemented at international airports and other major transit hubs.

Are commercial flights operating? Yes

The Russian Government is allowing regular international flights to resume to certain countries, including to Belarus, Cuba, Egypt, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Switzerland, Serbia, South Korea, Tanzania, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and United Arab Emirates. Limited numbers of flights are available to other locations. Air travel remains erratic and subject to cancellations. Aeroflot continues to have weekly flights from Moscow to New York.

Is public transportation operating? Yes

Wearing a mask is required on public transportation throughout the country. In addition, wearing gloves remains mandatory on public transportation in Moscow.

On the 9th of May all Russians all over the world celebrate THE GREAT RUSSIAN VICTORY DAY!🌟 Victory in the WWII. Below you will find the pictures of the Hero-City Leningrad (St-Petersburg today) taken during the 990-days of siege:
1). St Isaacs cathedral
2-3). Peterhof Grand Palace
4-5-6). Catherine palace in Tsars village
7). Celebration after the first Victory Parade in 1945
8). Last victory parade in 2019.

P.S – This year due to the #Covid19 outbreak, there was no Russian Victory day parade, no “immortal regiment”, no big celebrations. But still all people somehow honored the brave soldiers and their relatives who died during the war. According to the official numbers, Russia lost 26 million people in this war. But nobody knows the exact numbers of course. That is why, to celebrate Russian Victory Day in 2020 during the quarantine and self-isolation made, people put the portraits of the relatives in their windows, lighted up the candles, sang old Soviet military songs from the balconies and decorated their balconies with flags. I am very proud to live in this country with such great people and great history!🎈🎈🎈🎉🎊 #ww2 #siegeofleningrad #75yearsfromtheworldwar2 #saintpetersburg #victoryday #mayday #russianhistory #elzaguide #russianguide 

ShowmeRussia team is also a part of the #Travel Tomorrow project and we are also monitoring the situation with the Corona virus outbreak and the global traveling. We fully understand the concerns of the tourists (who were planning to visit Russia by cruise ships in 2020), but we do believe here that in 1 or 2 months the situation will change for better and all the countries will start opening the boundaries. According to the cruise ship shore excursions 2020, we are expecting the first ones coming in June-July. Fortunately, Russian statistics with people infected by coronavirus is quite low, here in St-Petersburg we have only 3000 cases and just 27 people died (this statistics is for April 26). I hope that Baltic cruises will start earlier than Mediterranean ones.
So, together with Russian government and the Russian Travel association, we’ve decided to introduce some innovative ideas how to help our tourists to overcome the crisis and continue traveling in the nearest future:
1) For all the pre-paid bookings we created special certificates so you can choose to change a booking confirmation into a certificate which can be used by you or any of your friends (it will have no name on it). You or your friends can come to Russia by cruise ship or by plane or by train – it doesn’t matter. Booking certificate will cover 20%, 30% or 50% price for the private transportation,  tours to the Catherine palace, Peterhof park tours, Hermitage museum tours, Faberge museum excursions and the most beautiful Russian churches – St Isaacs, Church on the Spilled Blood and St Peter and St Paul cathedral.
2) If you don’t want to use a certificate, we can simply “lock” the price of your tour (which you already picked on our website) for your future tour to Russia, when you come, you can pay us on the day of the tour. And we will be also happy to present you free tickets to Russian Ballet or a Folk-show performance once you come. (Some of our tourists already chose this option and moved the date of their cruise ship trip to the next Summer 2021).
3) If you don’t want to use the certificate and to change the date of your tour, we will of course send you 100% refund due to the Covid-19.
All the global tourism is suffering now as tourism has been the worst affected of all major economic sectors but we are doing our best to survive and to find the ways out of this situation.
Stay healthy and take care,
Your ShowmeRussia Team
P/S – follow our instagram page to check the most recent news: @showmerussia_tours

Hello dear travelers!

I guess you are planning your trip to Russia and searching now for the unusual and extraordinary tours off the beaten path?

Then we would like to invite you to our new and unique Russian village tour to the countryside, to a traditional Saint-Petersburg village. During this local life experience we will see the wooden “dachas”, old countryside markets, groceries, wooden churches, private kitchen gardens “ogorody” and we will enjoy a home-made lunch made by a local retired family. You will have an opportunity to see how people live, what they usually drink and how they cook Russian “Borsch” soup. You can also try to make Russian pancakes and learn how to drink Russian vodka “za zdorovje”. Besides, you will see how Russian “banya” (sauna) works and see what locals usually plant around their summer cottages.

Such tour lasts about 5 hours, we provide pick up/drop off from your hotel or cruise ship, visas and local guides speaking different languages (English, French, Germain). Price for such Russian village tour starts from 370 USD! Contact us to get all additional information: info@showmerussia.com


Dear guests!

We would like to offer you a new and easy way of payment for your cheap Tours to Russia in 2019!

If you are going to visit Saint-Petersburg and are willing to buy our BEST cheap Sightseeing tours in Saint-Petersburg,

you can pay via Payoneer payment system or by cash/card on the day of your arrival!

Mail us directly if you prefer to pay via Payoneer and we will send you the money request. 

If you pay by cash – there will be no pre-payments, you can pay for your guide on the day of the tour!

We make your stay comfortable and relaxing while you are touring Russia!

P/S – we still have LOW SEASON PRICES until April! Hurry up and book Russia tours with warm Russian discounts!

From Russia with Love,

Yours Show me Russia Team!

Dear travelers from all over the world!

We’d like to inform you that WINTER IS COMING to Russia…

But this means that we are in the period of Russian Trips SALES & DISCOUNTS !

Do not waste this wonderful ooportunity to explore Russia in Winter, to buy our cheap tours to Russia and to find out what to see in Russia!

We have designed special Saint-Petersburg Tours for you and your friends and relatives,

have a look at our Hermitage museum tour with Hermitage Tickets included


Check our Catherine Palace Tour to the magnificient Amber Room! With the private local guide you won’t need to stand in long lines.

These prices will definetely suit your budget!

Besides, we already started pre-booking for the SHORE EXCURSIONS  in Saint-Petersburg 2019 with last year’s prices!

Let us Show you Russia !

Dear Tourists, Guests of our website and ShowmeRussia Team!

We are very greatful for you and for your passion to travel around Russia WITH US! It was a great pleasure to meet you in Saint-Petersburg, to SHOW you Russia and to provide you with Shore Excursions throughout the whole Summer Season. Don’t forget your impressions about Russia, we wish to see you again next year! Besides, we provide 10% discount for the OFF SEASON, WINTER TOURS to Russia and Saint-Petersburg in particular!

We would be more than happy to meet travellers all over the world to show all the beautiful Russian spots, sights, towns, museums, palaces and churches! Contact us and we will help you organize the Best Russia Tour in advance!

We would also like to thank our knowledgeable local tour guides and professional drivers for the great job they performed for our Russian Travel Agency! Guys, you are the best!

Here are just a few pictures of our guests, tour guides and drivers from the Navigation Season 2018, enjoy!





Dear travelers, guests and #adventureseekers!

ShowmeRussia Team would like to send you our warmest Christmas and New Year Greetings –

We wish you the most wonderful New Year full of trips and travels around the world!

We also hope to meet you in Russia and to help you organize the Best Russia Tours 2018!

Check our offers and discounts.

We are online 24h via email – info@showmerussia.com

Bon voyage!

Searching for Sightseeing in Russia? Trying to find the most interesting and fascinating tourist attractions in Russia? If you have never been to Russia and don’t know where to go and what city to start with – we will help you planning your trip. Take a look at our TOP 7 Tourist Attractions in Russia:

  1. Saint-Petersburg is considered to be the most romantic city of Russia and the open-air museum because it is a home for more than 200 museums and a considerable number of churches and cathedrals. Among them – one of the largest museums in Europe – State Hermitage Museum with the collection of 3 mil. objects of art. Annually, about 200 000 international tourists visit Hermitage St Petersburg. So if you are planning to go to Russia for the first time in your life, you should definitely spend at least a weekend in Saint-Petersburg and book a Hermitage museum Tour. If you book our private guided TOUR to the Hermitage Museum, you will get private tickets and an English-speaking Tour Guide, so you won’t be lost in this huge museum building and will discover all the gems of its Royal art collection inside. For more info, please, check the article about Hermitage museum tickets – here.
  2. Whether you are in Saint-Petersburg you should also pay a visit to the most fascinating Russian Church which could be seen on all photos, all videos, brochures and guidebooks about Russia – the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood (or simply Spilled Blood Church). It is a perfect example of Russian architectural style and a unique Russian orthodox church because inside its walls are completely covered with mosaic icons made in 19th century. The church is also a memorial to Russian tsar – Alexander II, who was assassinated on the place of the church, hence its name. If you are interested in Russian churches and cathedrals and if you would like to visit this landmark and many other, check our special “Show me Russian Churches” Tour – we have the most reasonable prices for our private Russia Tours!
  3. Of course, sightseeing in Russia would not be complete without a Tour to Catherine Palace in the countryside of Saint-Petersburg where the world-famous Amber Room is on display for tourists. This Palace was the Summer Residence of Russian Tsars, the pride of Russian culture and history, the most popular place for official meetings of Russian and European leaders. For sure, it shouldn’t be missed if you planning to travel to Russia.
  4. Everyone knows that Moscow is famous for the Kremlin and the Red Square. This – is the heart of Russia, the biggest Russian city and the center of Russian power. All Russian Train Tours start in Moscow, even those tourists who are on Cruise Russia for just two or three days book Day Tours to Moscow to take a look at Russian Capital. By means of fast train it is possible to reach Moscow from Saint-Petersburg (and vice versa) in 4 hours.
  5. Another Tourist Attration of Russia which is located in Moscow is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior – it is the main orthodox cathedral of Russia and the tallest orthodox cathedral in the world (103 meters high). If you want to learn more, to see other highlights of Moscow – book our wonderful Moscow Sightseeing Tour.
  6. Veliky Novgorod is a medieval Russian city which nowadays is getting more and more popular among European tourists. It was once the orthodox and political capital of Russia that is why today there are buildings of medieval churches, cathedrals, monasteries, the Novgorod Kremlin and a unique wooden village with original wooden houses, huts, churches and storehouses which were constructed in 12th, 14th and 16th centuries by Russian peasants. We are offering private guided day-tours to Novgorod Veliky from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by trains and private cars or vans. One day is perfectly emough to see all the attractions of this Russian city.
  7. Lake Baikal – is the  the largest freshwater lake in Russia and in the whole world, containing  20% of the world’s unfrozen surface fresh water. It is located in Siberia, near Russian city Irkutsk. It is possible to get to  this amazing natural attraction by plane or by train from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. We recommend you to take the cheapest and the most comfortable Short Trans-Siberian Tour to explore the whole Russia – From Moscow to Siberia. Enjoy Russian Train Tours and Sightseeing in Russia with “Show me Russia” Tours & Travel.

Dear visitors of our website! Today we would like to clarify different types of accomodation and hotels which “Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides for those tourists who are going on Trans Siberian Holidays! All our prices for Trans Siberian Railway Tours include accomodation in centrally located, comfortable 3-*** Hotels, tickets to Transsiberian Railway, Tours and Excursions, Transfers, Guided Services and meals. Here is a list of hotels which we recommend to our clients in each Russian Town along Trans Siberian Railway:

Accomodation in Yekaterinburg:

  • Tenet Hotel *** – international , comfortable, welcoming hotel, located in the top-rated area in Yekaterinburg. It provides Standard DBL, Standard TWIN, Standard Premium and Junior Suite at a reasonable price with FREE WiFi connection. Prices fluctuate (75$ – 140$ per night) depending on the time of the year and during the period of National holidays.

tenet-hotel tenet-hotel-ekaterinburg

  • Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg *** – modern, newly constructed hotel with 24-hour front dest and only a short walk from Ekaterinburg Opera & Ballet. 160 rooms in Park Inn Ekaterinburg (80$ – 120$ per night) offer guests Free Wifi Internet, satellite television and heated bathroom floors. After a long day of sightseeing or business meetings, you can relax in the privacy of your room with a drink from the mini bar.

park-inn-ekaterinburg park-inn-hotel

  • Tsentralny Hotel Ekaterinburg *** – has an excellent location, pleasant staff and delicious breakfasts. This Hotel was distinguished by its remarkable appearance among the other hospitality places in Ekaterinburg as it was constructed in 1928. Inside you will find stucco-decorated ceilings, luxuriant chandeliers, tremendous mirrors, wide marble staircases, fine banisters with open-work balusters, stair carpets and massive lifts. Today this hotel offers SNGL, DBL, TWIN, STUDIO & DELUX Rooms, the price varies according to the type of rooms (from 50$ – 150$).

%d0%b5%d1%8b%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b5%d0%ba%d1%84%d0%b4%d1%82%d0%bd-%d1%80%d1%89%d0%b5%d1%83%d0%b4 %d0%b5%d1%8b%d1%83%d1%82%d0%b5%d0%ba%d1%84%d0%b4%d1%82%d0%bd-%d1%80%d1%89%d0%b5%d1%83%d0%b4-%d1%83%d0%bb%d1%84%d0%b5%d1%83%d0%ba%d1%88%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%b3%d0%ba%d0%bf

Accomodation in Novosibirsk:

  • Azimut Hotel (Sibir) *** – offers high level service, comfortable rooms, closest location to the Railway Station (only 30 min walk), different rooms from standard to deluxe categories (starting from 35$ to 80$ per night), free Wifi connection, and a cosy relaxation area with a spacious hall and a small reservoir with heated water.

azimut-sibir-hotel azimut-hotel-novosibirsk

  • River Park Hotel *** – provides 216 Rooms with 5 different categories (SNGL, SUPERIOR SINGLE, STANDARD, STUDIO, BUSINESS STUDIO). All rooms are equipped with FREE Wifi Internet, air conditioner, River View and everything you need for a comfortable stay. Prices fluctuate (37$ – 85$ per night) depending on the time of the year and during the period of National holidays.

river-park river-park-novosibirsk

Accomodation in Irkutsk:

  • Hotel Europe *** – provides spacious, clean rooms, delicious cafeteria, one of the best location – only 5 min walk to the main shopping area of Irkutsk. Prices depend on the season and the type of Room – SNGL, DBL, ECONOMY TWIN, JUNIOR SUITE & STUDIO (from 70$ – 170$ per night).

europe-hotel europe-hotel-irkutsk

  • Irkutsk Hotel *** – located on the Angara-river bank this hotel is one of the biggest and most famous hotel complexes of the city. It’s a 9-stored building with a well-developed infrastructure. The hotel offers easy access to major attractions, including the historical heart of the city and Siberian wooden houses. there are 4 categories of rooms – DBL, STUDIO, LUX, APPARTMENT with the prices starting from 80$ to 180$.

irkutsk-hotel-2 irkutsk-hotel

  • Hotel Victoria *** – provides good rooms, comfortable beds, central location, friendly and helpful staff and generous breakfasts. Inside you will discover 3 categories of rooms with Free Wifi Internet – STANDARD, SUPERIOR, STUDIO (from 70$ – 110$ per night).

victoria-hotel-irkutsk victoria-hotel

Accomodation on Baikal Lake:

  • Hotel Mayak (Lighthouse) ****– offers one of the best locations, window views, good and helpful English-speaking staff, great breakfasts with a lot of choices.The hotel also has a steam bath and a sauna. The rooms of “Mayak” Hotel are simply furnished and include a TV and a private bathroom. There are 4 types of rooms – SGL, TWIN, DOUBLE and STUDIO at a reasonable prices (from 35$ – 70$ per night).

mayak-hotel-baikal mayak-hotel

  • Baikal Legend Hotel *** – There are 37 rooms at this hotel with peaceful and calm atmosphere, ranging from standard single rooms to lush suites. There is also a sauna to have fun, relax, and forget all your problems. It’s a wonderful way of improving your health on the shore of Baikal Lake. Prices are available upon request, please, contac us to get your Siberian Railway cost, if you’d like to stay in this hotel.

baikal-legend baikal-legend

Accomodation in Ulan-Ude:

  • Buryatia Hotel *** – offers excellent location, cheap and comfortable rooms, friendly English-speaking staff. Traditional Buryat specialities and European cuisine is served in the Chashka café, with a breakfast provided each morning. The Opera and Ballet Theatre is just a 2-minute walk from the hotel, and Bajkal Airport is a 20-minute drive away. There are 7 categories of Rooms – SNGL (economy), TWIN (economy), SNGL & TWIN (standard), STUDIO, SUITE, APPARTMENT with the prices ranging from 30$ up to 110$ per night.

buryatia-hotel buryatia0hotel-ulan-ude

Accomodation in Vladivostok:

  • Azimut Hotel Vladivostok **** – it is a modern smart hotel in the centre of Vladivostok with panoramic views to the sea and Amur Bay, beach and the Oceanarium is only 5 min walk. Hotel has a sport gym, free wifi internet and buffet breakfast. There are 3 categories of comfortable and spacious rooms – SMART STANDARD, SMART SUPERIOR, SMART SUITE at a good price from 50$ to 110$ accordingly.

azimut-hotel-vladivostok azimut-vladivostok

  • Primorye Hotel *** – It has convenient location in the historic and business downtown , just in 5 min. of walk to the railway station, passenger marine terminal and city square. There are 120 rooms in the hotel (SNGL, TWIN, DBL, SUITE, STUDIO), they all are equipped with everything necessary for work and rest and will satisfy even the highest demands. Prices vary according to the rooms’ categories – from 85$ to 185$ per night.

primorye-hotel-vladivostok primorye-hotel

Vladivostok is the last stop of the Siberian Train from Moscow, if you are interested in Mongolian Railway, check our guided tour package. If you would like to upgrade your accomodation to 5-star hotels in each town shown in the itenerary, please, contact us to book Trans Siberian Railway with additional prices for better accomodation. If you prefer to book these hotels on your own, contact us and provide with all the details of your accomodations so we could arrange Transfers and Tours for you. Trans Siberian Railway Book it today and get a special group discounts for your future trip!

If you are interested in St Petersburg Tourism and different types of Tours in St Petersburg, read this blog post and learn more about this romantic Russian town. Saint-Petersburg used to be the capital of Russia for more than 200 years, that is why today ot is called – the Northern Capital of Russia or the Cultural capital with the population over 7 mil. people. In 2016 Saint-Petersburg was awarded the best tour destination in Europe according to World Travel Awards as nearly 7 mil. people from all over the World visited this outstanding Russian town during their holidays to St Petersburg.

Earlier in our Travel Blog we have already published the blog post about TOP 10 St Petersburg Attractions, now we would like to describe TOP 7 things to do in Saint-Petersburg. Every tourist who is planning Russian Trips to St Petersburg should:

  • Climb up to the Dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to admire the breathtaking panorama of the city
  • Get lost in the State Hermitage Museum and explore its amazing collection of art
  • Enjoy the view of the Drawbridges and amazing ships floating the Neva River at midnight
  • Have a romantic boat ride along rivers and canals of the Russian “Northern Venice”
  • Take pleasure in watching the “Swan Lake” or “Nutcracker” Ballet Performances in Mariinsky Opera & Ballet Theatre
  • Visit the Amber Room and purchase a small piece of Russian Amber (famous for its healing properties)
  • Stroll along the main shopping avenue of St Petersburg and have a cup of coffee in one of the innumerable cafes of Nevsky Prospect

You may fulfil this plan during our 2-Day Tour Package in Saint-Petersburg or during our cheap and favorable Tours of St Petersburg. “Show me Russia” Travel Agency organizes tours to Catherine Palace & Amber Room, to Churches & Cathedrals of Saint-Petersburg, to Folklore Shows & Ballet Performances, and special “Local Life” Tours for those who are interested in the life of locals.

According to the means of transport, you can rent a bike during Summertime – here – on the official website you will find useful information about city’s bike stations. You can also travel by public transport like buses, trams or subway. Besides, you can use Uber, Gett or Yandex Taxi. With the help of our Travel Agency, you can rent a private transport and a private local tour guide.


The most popular time to visit Saint-Petersburg is during the so-called “White Nights” period which lasts from 22/23 of May till 17/18 of July. During this curious phenomena nights in Saint-Petersburg are as brights as days and city’s authorities don’t need to turn on the streetlights. At this time Saint-Petersburg hosts lots of different festivals, musical concerts, carnivals, star performances and one-of-a-kind “Scarlet Sails” Celebration.


According to the weather in Saint-Petersburg, it can be very unpredictable, as we have Oceanic Climate, that’s why there are only 60 sunny days per year and about 300 days of cloudy weather. So we recommend you to take and umbrella or a shawl to your Tours St Petersburg. Anyway, our Summers are very mild, sunny and enjoyable. The best Winter month to visit Saint-Petersburg is January, because there are more sunny days and the daytime is getting longer in comparison with November or December when it darkens at 4 p.m. No matter when you are going to start your St Petersburg Russia Tours – with “Show me Russia” Travel Agency they are going to be enjoyable and unforgettable!


This article is devoted to Russia Tourism and trip to Veliky Novgorod on the whole. In our previous blog posts we have already discussed how to obtain Russian visa, how to book private guided Russia tours or tour packages. We have already described TOP 10 Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Attractions and different ways of saving money while travelling to Moscow. Today, we would like to talk about Veliky Novgorod and different means of travelling there.

Veliky Novgorod – is a small mieval town only 200 km away from Saint-Petersburg. It lies on the shore of the Volkhov River and Ilmen Lake. Novgorod Russia is connected to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg by highway and railway. So you can either travel there by fast train (2,5 hours) or by private transportation (3 hours). During your trip to Novgorod Russia you will enjoy a walk on the territory of one of the oldest Kremlins, you will visit 11th & 12th century Russian Churches and Monasteries with original frescoes inside, explore the traditional Russian wooden village, you will also try traditional Russian dishes and learn more about Russian culture and Russian history. Our “Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides tour packages to Novgorod with guided services, private Mercedes cars or vans and meals included in the price of the tour. Besides, we organize special 3-Day Shore Excursions St Petersburg for those who are having St Petersburg Cruise and who are staying in Saint-Petersburg for 3 days. We also provide special visa-free tours and tour tickets for cruise ship passengers.

If you prefer to go to Russia and explore this country on your own, you can book tickets to “Lastochka train” from Saint-Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod, which runs every day at 7 am approximately. If you don’t know how to book Russian train tickets online, please, contact us and we will help you with it! But it may be pretty hard for you to find all the highlights of Novgorod Russia, to find bus stops, railway stations, not to miss your trains, not to waste time standing in lines to museums and cathedrals. So we would better recommend you to buy a special Russia tour to Veliky Novgorod and save time and efforts, travel with comfort – it is cheaper today than 20 years ago. Check our St Petersburg Russia Packages and find more suitable tours for you and your friends! If you have any questions about private Russia Tours or Russia Tourism on the whole, please, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, skype, viber or whatsapp – we are online 24h to help you make the dream tour around Russia!


Dear friends! “Show me Russia” Team would like to show you TOP 10 St Petersburg attractions. We will describe them, tell you how to get to these highlights of Saint-Petersburg, where to book private guided tours or buy individual tickets. If you are dreaming about sightseeing St Petersburg but don’t know where to start – we will help you!

Of course, everyone knows the 1st “must-see” tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – the State Hermitage Museum. It is enormously huge, one will need at least 5 hours to see just a small part of it, as there are 3 mil pieces of art inside! So plan your visit to the Hermitage museum beforegand, besides during “high travel season” from May till September it is very overcrowded, there are huge lines to all the entrances of this world-popular museum. We recommend you to come to the ticket offices at least one or two hours beforehand. Hermitage museum is opened every day except Monday at 10:30-18:00 (long working days are on Wednesdays and Fridays when the museum is opened at 10:30 – 21:00). Entrance fee is 10$ for adults without a guided tour inside. If you’d like to tour Hermitage museum with an english-speaking guide, book our “Show me Hermitage museum Tour“.


The 2d “must-see” of St Petersburg attractions is – Peter and Paul Fortress with a wonderful Peter and Paul Cathedral on its territory. It is situated on a small “Hare Island” in the central part of the Neva River right in front of the State Hermitage Nuseum. The spire of the cathedral with a small figure of an angel on top can be seen from every part of Saint-Petersburg. Besides, Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial place of Russian Tsars, inside you will see tombs of all Russian Tsars, starting from Peter I and finishing with Nicholas II and his family. The cathedral is opened every day except Wednesday at 10:00 – 18:00 but the territory of the fortress is opened till 20:00. Full ticket costs 8$ approximately. The easiest way to get there is by bus or by subway, it’s not far from the “Gorkovskaya” Metro station (the blue line). If you want a private car or a private guided tour, check our “Show me Churches” Tour.


The 3d TOP Saint-Petersburg attacrion is – St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It is the 4th largest cupola cathedral in the World with its height of nearly 110m! It was designed by French architect Montferrand who spent 40 years to construct it. Nowadays the cathedral is used as a museum and a practicing Russian orthodox church. It is also possible to climb upstairs to the dome but there are no lifts or escalators, only small stone steps. The observation platform is 43m high! Isaac’s Cathedral is oped every day except Wednesdays at 10:30-18:00. Full ticket to the cathedral and to the colonnade upstairs costs 7$. The closest subway station is Admiralteyskaya (purple metro line) but we recommend you to have a 10 min walk across the park from the State Hermitage Museum to Isaac’s Cathedral. If you’d like to have a sightseeing St Petersburg Tour, we can organize it with a private guide and private transportation.


The 4th “must-see” tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. It is a unique monument dedicated to Russian Tsar – Alexander II who was murdered on the place of this church, hence its name. Inside it is completely covered with 7 000 m2 of mosaics. The floors of this wonderful ornate church are made of Italian Marble. Today it is a museum of mosaics, that’s why you will need special tickets to get inside. Ticket offices are outside the church near the entrance, full adult ticket costs 5$. Please, do have some local cash as they charge in rubles. The church is opened at 10:30 till 18:00 every day except Wednesday. It is situated not far from the main prospect of the city – Nevsky prospect, the metro station is called the same name. You will need to have a short walk along the Griboedov Canal to the church.


The 5th tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – Peterhof. Peterhof gardens were designed by Peter-the-Great in 18th century according to the parks and gardens in Versailles. Of special interest there is the gilded cascade fountain in the central part of the park. During Peterhof tour you will also discover  marble sculptures, dozens of fountains, pavilions and the Grand Peterhof Palace. Hydrofoil to Peterhof is the best way to get to the Gardens. It runs from the pier in front of the State Hermitage Museum. Ticket price to the hydrofoil boat doesn’t cover entrance tickets to the park and the palace. Hydrofoil to Peterhof runs only from May till September; one way ticket costs 17$.  Peterhof gardens are opened daily from 10:30 till 18:00, full ticket for adults costs 10$. The first boat to Peterhof is at 10:00, the last one – at 19:00. If you’d like special comfortable Peterhof Tours from St Petersburg, check our “Show me Parks and Gardens Tour“.


The 6th main St Petersburg attractions are – Catherine Palace and Amber Room. We have already described different ways of travelling there in this blog post. So, please, dont forget to exchange money to local cash as entrance tickets costs 700 rubles or 12$ approximately. The Palace is opened daily at 10:00-18:00. Contact us to book the guided tour to the Catherine Palace or check it – here.


The 7th “must-see” tourist attraction is – Faberge Egg Museum St Petersburg with an exclusive Faberge Imperial Collection inside. It is exhibited in the Shuvalov Palace which situates on the Fontanka River Embankment, only 15 min walk from the Gostiny Dvor Subway Station on Nevsky Prospect. The museum is opened daily at 10-20:45, admission fee is 10$ without a guided tour. If you’d like a guided tour inside, we offer you a wonderful Tour to Faberge museum and a Canal ride afterwards.


The 8th TOP Saint-Petersburg tourist attraction is – Yusupov Palace. It is famous for its amazing interiors and pieces of furniture and for a mysterious story of Rasputin’s slaughter. As the plot to kill Rasputin was organized by the owner of this palace – Felix Yusupov. Visit the palace and learn more about these events. It is opened daily at 11-17:00, admission fee is 7$. As it is situated on the Moika River Embankment, there is no subway station nearby, you can have a short walk along the river from Isaac’s Cathedral or Nevsky Prospect.


The 9th “must-see” St-Petersburg tourist attraction is – Dostoevsky museum. As you may know, famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky lived in Saint-Petersburg, rented flats there and published his novels (like “Crime and Punichment”) there. So it is a “must” to visit his flat and enjoy the atmosphere of his Saint-Petersburg, if you are a fan of this writer. The Dostoevsky museum is opened daily except Mondays at 11-17:30. Adult ticket costs 4$. The easiest way to get to the museum is by metro, you will need Dostoevskaya Subway Station.


The 10th and the most popular attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – Russian Vodka Museum. There you will find a wonderful collection of different types of Russian vodka, you will try traditional Russian snacks and learn how to drink and party like Russians. For more info, check our unique vodka Tour St Petersburg.



Dear visitors of our website! Our short Moscow Travel Guide is aimed to help you to plan your unforgettable Moscow travel adventure. If you are going to visit Moscow and don’t know what to see in Moscow, our Moscow Travel Guide will definitely help you because we are going to describe TOP 10 Moscow attractions and the way how to find them in the biggest Russian town.

Of course, everyone knows the 1st “must-see” tourist attraction in Moscow is – The Kremlin. Every Moscow city tour includes the visit to Moscow Kremlin, if you’d like to book a guided tour, please, check our special “Show me Moscow Kremlin” Tour. You can also explore it on your own; the cheapest and the fastest way of travelling to it from your hotel is by Moscow subway. Don’t forget, you will need the “Borovitskaya” Subway station, the entrance to the Kremlin is right in front of it through the Thrinity Gates and Kutafia Tower, on both sides of which you will find white ticket offices. Unfortunately, on Thursdays there is a day off, but during other days the Kremlin is opened from 9:30 till 18:00 in Summer and from 9:30 till 17:00 in Winter (but the ticket offices will be closed at 16:30). Tickets to the territory of the Kremlin are for free for children and teens under 16 and for adults they cost 10$ approximately.


The 2d “must-see” Moscow attraction is – St. Basil’s Cathedral (the cathedral of Vasily the Blessed) which is situated on the Red Square. It is opened daily from 11:00 till 16:30, the price for the entrance ticket is approximately 6$ for adults but for children and teens it will be for free. Don’t forget that during “high travel season” it is really impossible to get inside as there are long lines to the entrance so we would recommend you to come even before the official opening of the ticket offices or to book the private guided tour “Show me the Kremlin and Red Square“.


The 3d TOP Moscow attraction is – the symbol of Christianity in Russia, the main orthodox cathedral of Russia – the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. It is opened daily exсept Mondays from 08:00 till 17:00, but on Mondays it opens its doors to the public at 13:00 and closes at 17:00. Entrance is free of charge. But if you want a guided tour to the Cathedral, please check our “Show me Sightseeing Moscow Tour” and discover the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and other highlights of Russian capital. If you’d like to travel on your own by subway – the station you need is called “Kropotkinskaya” (Red Line).


The 4th “must-see” Moscow attraction is – the State Tretyakov Art Gallery with a wonderful collection of art created by prominent Russian artists. The gallery is closed on Mondays but it is opened on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays at 10:00-18:00, and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – 10:00-21:00. The entrance ticket’s price is 10$ without private excursions inside. If you prefer a guided tour – book our “Show me Tretyakov art gallery” Tour. The Tretyakov Art Gallery is only 10 min walk from the “Tretyakovskaya” subway station (Yellow Line).


The 5th notable Moscow attraction is – Moscow Metro itself. We recommend you to make a round-trip around the central Moscow subway stations. The majority of these stations were constructed in 1930-1940’s during the Stalin’s power. So there you will find crystal chandeliers, bas-reliefs, mosaics and sculptures with Soviet Union symbols. Moscow Metro is opened daily from 05:30 till 01:00. One ticket to get inside the metro costs 1$. Don’t forget to exchange money to local Rubles and take with you some cash. We also recommend you to watch closely your belongings (especially passports and telephones) as there are pickpockets. For more info, please, check our “Show me Moscow Metro” Tour.


The 6th “must-see” Moscow attraction – is Tsaritsyno Park. It is not just a simple park. It was a Royal Estate of Catherine-the-Great. On the territory of the park you will disciver the former Royal pavilions, bridges, and palaces of Romanovs in neo-gothic romantic style. We also recommend you visiting the Grand Palace in Tsaritsyno Park. The park is opened every day from 06:00 till 00:00. The Palace museum opens at 11:00-18:00 from Tuesday till Friday. It is closed on Mondays, but on Saturdays it works till 20:00. Full ticket costs 6$. It is pretty hard to get there by foot or by bus, so you can travel there by Moscow Metro to “Tsaritsyno” (Dark-green Line) or in a private tour “Show me Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoe“.


The 7th “must-see” Moscow attration that we recommend you to see during your Moscow Russia Travel is – Kolomeskoye Estate. There you will find lots of original 16th century churches, wooden cabin of Peter-the-Great, and the Great Wooden Palace where Peter’s daughter – future empress Elizabeth was born. This palace is opened every day exept Monday at 10:00-18:00. Full tickets cost 7$ for adults, tickets for children under 6 are for free. If you are going to Kolomenskoye Moscow by Metro you will need dark-green line and “Kolomenskaya” Station. Our Travel Agency offers a special tour to Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye Estates at a very cheap price. The tour includes a private guide, entrance tickets and a private transportation.


The 8th “must see” Moscow attraction is – Sparrow Hills (Vorobievy Gory) and Moscow State University – a magnificent skyscraper constructed in Stalin’s Empire Style. Also there is a wonderful observation deck from which you will get the wonderful panoramic view to the city. As there is no subway station right in front of the observation platform, you will have to get to the “Vorobiovy Gory” Metro Station and then walk across the park up to the huge structure with a steeple on top – it is the Moscow State University, in front of it you will find the observation platform.


The 9th “must-see” Moscow attraction is – the Ostankino TV Tower and it’s amazing restaurant on top! On a beautiful sunny day you should definitely have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the “7sky” restaurant, which is 334 meters high! We organize special guided tours to Ostankino TV Tower, but if you want to travel there on your own, find the orange metro line and “Alexeevskaya” station. You will need a 10 min walk to the TV Tower Moscow. It is opened daily at 10:00-21:00. Full tickets cost 17$ for adults. For more info check our “Show me Ostankino TV Tower” Tour.


The 10th TOP Moscow attraction is – the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre. During your Moscow Tourism don’t forget to buy tickets to the most popular Russian Theatre. You can do it on its official website or contact us for more information: info@showmerussia.com


This article will help you to plan your Golden Ring Tours around small Russian villages and Towns in the countryside North-East from Moscow. With this Golden Ring Travel Guide you will find out what Towns to visit, which hotels to book, how to travel from one town to another and other comments and travel tips.

Standard Golden Ring Travel starts in Moscow. If you are for the first time in Moscow we recommend you to check our Moscow Tours. But if you have already been to Moscow or if you want to start your Golden Ring from Moscow straightaway, then first thing you should do – is to find out what Towns you would like to visit. Russia Golden Ring is a special route along ancient medieval Russian Towns, such as: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolubovo. It is called the “Golden Ring Russia” because you can start Golden Ring Travel at one town and end your trip at the same place making a ring around small towns nearby.

There are two ways of travelling: by trains, by buses and by private transportation. The cheapest way is to travel by russian trains (“eliktrichkas” in Russian), if you contact us, we will help you with Russian train tickets. But on the other side it is very hard to manage the timetables and not to get lost at the different railway stations or not to miss your train. Some Russian trains arrive late at night, others – early in the morning. Travelling by public buses is also not a good idea, because they are usually very crowded and uncomfortable. Besides, the majority of Russians don’t speak English, so they won’t be able to help you in case you are lost.

If you still decided to travel by buses, browse the information about the central bus stations in each town you are going to visit, get to the station, find a ticket office and purchase your ticket before getting on the bus. Seats are assigned, if you don’t have a number on your ticket – you will have to stand. Unfortunately, you can’t buy bus tickets online beforehand.

The easiest and the most comfortable way of travelling along the Golden Ring Moscow is by private transport. Private transportation as well as services of private English-speaking local guide are included in the prices of our tours. We offer the cheapest and the most popular Golden Ring Tours for TWO and THREE Days. It will be enough to see the main capitals of Golden Ring Russia. If you would like to see the whole Golden Ring from Moscow, contact us, and we will organize special customized tours for you. But traditionally, most tourists book tours to Vladimir, Rostov and Suzdal – the most popular Golden Ring destinations. Because in these towns you will find authentic Russian architecture, medieval monasteries, churches and old Russian kremlins.

Concerning Golden Ring hotels, in each Town which forms Golden Ring Russia there are different cheap B&B Hotels, guest houses, 3 and 4-star hotels. Our classic Golden Ring Tours include accomodation in clean 3-star hotels, located in the central parts of Golden Ring Towns. If you decided to book hotel on your own, please, contact us, and we will organize the transfers and excursions for you in all Russian Towns which you are going to visit. We also provide big discounts for big groups!


Hello there, beloved explorers! Do you want to travel Mongolia? Can’t hear you, maybe you’ve already started packing your backpacks and suitcases. Wait a minute, please. Take a pen and a piece of paper. We are going to describe main towns, national parks, and the most popular highlights of this country. At first, write down TOP 7 things to do in Mongolia!

  • Take a selfie with the massive bronze statue of Chinggis Khaan in Ulaanbaatar
  • Pass one or two nights in GER (“yurt”), the portable dwelling of Mongols, feel the local atmosphere
  • Have a horse ride across the National Terelj park to Nomadic Tribes
  • Try “Kumis” – traditional Mongolian dairy product, made of mare’s milk
  • Purchase a shawl made of the most delicate Mongolian cashmere (find the best shops like Goyo, Gobi Cashmere or Buyan, or buy it in the local village)
  • Enjoy the sunset at the impressive Turtle Rock
  • Take pleasure in listening traditional instrumental music during the Mongolian National Folklore Show

All these things you can experience during our Trans Mongolian Tours or you can arrange your Mongolia Tours yourselves after booking train tickets from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar (4 days and 5 hours) or from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar (just 36 hours). Of course, in Ulan-Bator there is the Chinggis Khaan International Airport so you can take a plane from Moscow (6 hours) or from Irkutsk (1h30min). Don’t forget to exchange money in the airport or in a bank, as they have a special Mongolian currency – Tughrik (MNT) – 1 USD = 2476,83 MNT; 1 EUR = 2635,1 MNT.

Climate in Mongolia is sharply continental, so in Summer it can be +32, in Winter – 32. That’s why consider taking some warm clothes with you, if you are planning to Travel Mongolia in Winter. The best time to have Mongolia Tours is from May till October.

According to visa policy of Mongolia, please, check the websites of the US Embassy of Mongolia or UK Embassy of Mongolia.

You may as well include a visit to Mongolia in your Trans Siberian Railway Moscow and explore the whole Russia from Moscow to Baikal Lake. The best way to discover Russia is – to travel from one town to another town by trains or to book one of our best Trans Siberian Railway Tours. These tour packages include train tickets, accomodations, tour programs, guided services, tickets to all the landmarks, and meals. We offer discounts for big groups, so before booking our tours online, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@showmerussia.com

If you are intersted in the cost of Trans Siberian Railway , at first, check the blog post about different types of Russian trains and train compartments, then contact us so we could help you with booking your special customized Trans Siberian Tour. Remember, that all train tickets are sold in Russia 45 days in prior to the day of your train trip and all prices grow during Summertime, that’s why it is cheaper to travel Mongolia or Travel Trans Siberian Railway in Winter. On the whole, Trans Siberian Train Price hovers around 100$ – 300$ for the cheapest tickets. Here, on the official website of Russian Railways, you can check prices for all trains across Russia. It will be more difficult to find a website which sells tickets to Mongolian trains online, as usual, they are provided only by travel agencies.

We suggest you to travel Mongolia and enjoy your Trans Siberian Tour without further delay. Never stop exploring!

Today we would like to tell you about the mystery of Russian Amber Room. Thousands of tourists who travel to Saint-Petrsburg by trains, by planes or by cruise ships are dreaming to see this “Eight Wonder of the World”. But where to find it? How to get to the place where it is exhibited?

In this article we will sketch in a few details about Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine Palace and Amber Room. Catherine Palace was constructed in the early 18th century in Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar’s Village), 30 km south of St. Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays this place is also called Catherine Palace Pushkin. Because famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied in the Lyceum or School for boys from noble families just next door to the Royal Palace. In the “high” Tourist Season (from May till October) it is almost impossible to get tickets to the Catherine Palace. Because nearly 15 000 tourists visit this museum every day. One will have to spend 4 or 5 hours standing in line to get inside. There are several ways of how to avoid these lines.

Firstly, you can buy tickets to Catherine Palace St Petersburg online on the official website of the museum. But consider booking them beforehand (at least 2 month prior to your visit to Catherine Palace St Petersburg), because there are only 50 tickets available every day. If you are lucky enough to get your entrance tickets online, then you should think about your travel there from the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Taxi will be twice expensive than an average tour to the Catherine Palace. So we recommend you to use Public Transport – have a subway ride to Moskovskaya metro station (blue subway line) and change to the bus № 187 or mini-bus № 342 or 545, but you will also need to walk from the bus stop to the Catherine Palace itself. The way there will take you 1h 40m approximately.

Secondly, you can book online special St Petersburg guided tours and relax. Our “Show me Russia” Travel Agency organizes guided tour to Catherine Palace at the lowest price. For the price of the tour you get individual tickets at a special time which will be the most convenient to you (we also provide early entrance and evening tickets, as well as VIP tickets to the Catherine Palace), private English-speaking guide and private transportation are also included in the price of this guided tour. In case you would like to walk inside the palace through the Royal Entrance and have a cup of tea or coffee in the hidden, secret parlor of the palace we will book VIP tickets to the Catherine Palace for you. If you would like to explore the Amber Room and enjoy a walk or gondola ride in the Catherine Park – check our “Show me Catherine Palace and Park” Tour. For further information, just contact us and we will arrange an individual, customized, St Petersburg guided tours for you.


We often receive emails with questions about individual Hermitage tickets and group tickets to the State Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg. Also many tourists usually ask if our travel agency can provide VIP Hermitage museum tickets and organize VIP Hermitage entrance. In this article we will clarify different ways of buying tickets to the Hermitage museum.

Of course, during “high” travel season in Saint-Petersburg it is practically impossible to buy tickets to the State Hermitage museum, one will have to stay in line to the ticket office for about 3 or 4 hours! Furthermore, the museum will be overcrowded inside. Another option is to buy Hermitage tickets online, but, unfortunately, there is only a small number of available tickets which can be bought online on the official website of the Hermitage museum.

So if you would like to book tickets to this extremely popular museum, you should do it beforehand. At least 3 weeks before your travel to Saint-Petersburg. We would also recommend you to print your Hermitage online tickets and read carefully the information about the entrance time, the museum’s address and the rules of the museum (big bags are not allowed insight; bottles of water and any other liquids are not allowed; umbrellas and coats should be checked in the cloackroom).

If you would like to explore the State Hermitage museum on your own, you will definitely need a plan or a printed map, because the museum occupies the territory of five buildings joined together by corridors and arches so it is very easy to get lost there. But if you decided to have a guided tour to Hermitage, we would organize it with a great pleasure! We will book special Hermitage tickets for a certain time at a certain day, which will be the most suitable for you (except Mondays, because the museum is closed). Your private local guide will pick you up from your hotel and will tell you the history of Hermitage museum St Petersburg, will describe the art collection and all the paintings, sculptures and pieces of furniture inside. You will learn many interesting facts from your skillful, private, local, English-speaking guide.

We are able to provide you with special early-entrance or VIP Hermitage tickets during very busy days in Summer. But it would be easier for us if you book the “Show me State Hermitage Museum Tour” at least 5 or 7 days in prior to your tour, so we would be able to reserve the most suitable tickets for you. For more information about VIP Tour to Hermitage and VIP Hermitage entrance fee (at the time of the day when the museum is practically empty and free of tourists), please, contact us and we will provide you with the special prices.


Everybody knows that it is practically impossible to travel to Russia without visiting Ballet, Opera performance or a Folklore Show. Also every tourist knows the most popular Opera and Ballet Theatres in Russia – Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow & Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg. But not everybody knows where to buy Mariinsky Theatre Tickets. In this article we will clarify different ways of buying tickets to St Petersburg Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet tickets or tickets to the Russian Folklore show St Petersburg.

At first, you should decide what kind of performance would you like to see. Is it a famous “Swan Lake”, “Giselle” or “Nutcracker” Ballet in St Petersburg? Or would you like to listen to an Opera like “Boris Godunov”, “The Queen of Spades” or “Eugin Onegin”? Maybe you are more interested in Folk Show? The most famous folk show St Petesburg is called “Feel Yourself like Russian” during which you will enjoy various Russian traditional dances performed by famous dance groups dressed in traditional Russian dresses and costumes.

Second, you should decide which Theatre would you like to visit? In Saint-Petersburg there are 4 Royal Theatres where they perform classical Russian Ballet – Alexandrinsky Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Hermitage Theatre and Mariinsky Theatre. Also, 3 years ago in 2014 the second stage of Mariinsky Theatre was opened to the public just next door to the Main Mariinsky Theatre. Mariinsky II provides comfortable seats for 2,000 people, wonderful acoustics and amazing interiors. We recommend you to have some cash in rubles with you because in the majority of theatres credit cards are not accepted. The Folklore Show St Petersburg takes place at Nikolaevsky Palace, which sometimes is referred to as Labour Palace.

Third, you should figure out how would you like to travel to the chosen theatre? Overcrowded public transport will be very problematic for dressed up people who prepared to visit a theatre performance. Besides, all peformances usually take place at 7 or 8 PM when there are heavy traffic jams in Saint-Petersburg. We recommend you travelling by Taxi (Uber or Gett Taxi are available in Saint-Petersburg) or book a private transfer from your hotel or cruise ship through our Travel Agency. We also organize special Mariinsky Ballet Tour and Show me the Show Tour at reasonable prices.

Finally, you should book tickets to the chosen performance. You can do it in any ticket office which can be found inside or outside every Subway Station in Saint-Petersburg (yellow color booth), another option is to buy tickets online on the official websites of the theatres listed above. But, please, keep in mind, that during “high tourist season” from May till September it is practically impossible to book good seats for Russian Folklore show St Petersburg or Mariinsky Ballet Tickets. So it is important to book tickets at least one month before the performance or to contact us and we will provide you with the best tickets to Russian Opera, Ballet or Folk Show at any time at a fix price!


Today we would like to talk about Trans Siberian Travel. So if you are planning your Russia Travels this article is written escpecially for you. Let’s imagine that you have already bought your plane tickets to Moscow, you’ve got Russian visa but you decided to travel on your own, without buying guided tours and tour packages. Or on the contrary, you’ve already been to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg several times and now you are dreaming about travelling to Russia all by yourself. What should you do? Where to buy Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets? What kind of train is running across the whole Russia? What types of Trans Siberian Railway Tickets there are in Russia? What is the price? Where are those ticket offices? Is there a website where one can buy those tickets online? So many questions – so little answers. But in this blog post we will try to answer them all so you can set your mind with your future Trans Siberian Railway Trip.

At firsrt, let’s define types of Trans Siberian Trains:

  • Tsar’s Gold Private Train (from Moscow to Beijing and back, runs only once a month from May till September: 06.05.17-21.05.17, 03.06.17-18.06.17, 21.06.17-14.07.17, 22.07.17-06.08.17, 17.08.17 – 01.09.17, 09.09.17-24.09.17). There are different cabin classes: Standard Class, Classic & Superior, Nostalgic Comfort, Bolshoi, Bolshoi Platinum. For more pictures of the cabins, contact us and we will provide you with detailed explanation.


  • Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Train (from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till September, provides stopovers in each town (Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Baikal Lake, Ulan Ude, UlaanBaatar, Vladivostok) on its way, covers the area of Mongolia, meals on board are included in the ticket price). Three different classes of cabins: Silver, Gold & Imperial Class, besides there are Twin and Single beds. For more information about Trans Siberian Railway Price, please, contact us.


  • Imperial Russia Train (from Moscow to Beijing, from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till August, provides stopovers and meals on board). Trains provide different classes of cabins – First Class, First Class +, Business Class, VIP. For more information about Trans Siberian Express Cost, please, contact us: info@showmerussia.com


  • Rossiya Trans Siberian Train (Runs from Moscow to Vladivostok across the whole Russia all year round during 6 days and 2 hours, no meals included in the ticket, but there is a restaurant in one of the carriages) There are also three types of carriages – “platskart” (opened compartment with no doors (pic 1), “kupe” (private compatment for 4 people, “lux” (private compartment for 2 people (pic 2). For more information about Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets, contact us and we will help you with booking!

platskart-russian-train lux-russian-train-compartment

Now, as you know the types of Russian trains and the types of compartments, you should decide with prices. All train tickets are sold 45 days in prior to the departure day. Trans Siberian Railroad tickets cost from 100$ – 900 $ per person depending on the time of the year, type of train and train compartments. All tickets include bed linen, some train tickets to trans siberian travel also includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board. Tickets to Trans Siberian Train can be bought online on official RZD Russian website or in the ticket office at each railway station. If you’d like us to book you and your friends special group tickets with discounts, contact us: info@showmerussia.com

Other FAQs about Trans Siberian Travel were discussed and answered in the blog post – here.

Russian travel guide – what you need to know if you want to travel to Russia and obtain Russian tourist visa?

If you decided to travel to Russia with tourist purposes, first you need to decide how many days you have for the trip, what cities and sights you want to visit and when you decide with places and dates, you need to know how to get Russian tourist visa. There are a few types of Russian visa – Russian tourist visa, business, private, work, transit and humanitarian ones. With this Russian travel guide we would like to tell you everything about getting Russian tourist visa.
Most people mistakenly think that it’s very hard to obtain Russian tourist visa, however it’s not true. In fact, Russian tourist visa is the easiest one you can get. In case you need it, because citizens of some countries don’t need Russian visa to travel to Russia at all. So, first thing you need to do is to find out if you really need Russian visa. In case you need it, you will have to apply for an invitation for Russian tourist visa that you can obtain with our Travel agency for free in case you book any tourist service (tours, transfers, package tour, etc) with us. You can check all the tours – tours in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Veliky NovgorodGolden Ring and Trans Siberian tour packages on our website. If you have any questions or just need some more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

So after you decided with the dates and tour or tours for your Russia travel adventure and got an invitation for Russian tourist visa from our company, what should you do next? After that you should visit an official webpage of Russian Embassy in your country to find out what other documents you need to get Russian visa if you travel to Russia with tourist purposes. Generally, there are not many documents required for Russian tourist visa – an application for Russian tourist visa filled on the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (printed one), passport valid for at least 6 months after your return from your Russia travel trip, one or two passport size photos, medical insurance and consular fee. Please, note that it’s not possible to obtain Russian tourist visa on the territory of Russian Federation, you should apply for it before you travel to Russia!

Standard processing time for Russian tourist visa – 7-10 calendar days so, please, start to arrange your Russian visa at least two or three weeks in prior to your Russia travel! In case you don’t have time, please check what is the price for urgent Russian tourist visa processing, normally it takes 1-3 business days to issue Russian tourist visa for urgent consular fee rate. Once you get your Russian visa, please check if all data is correct at the Consulate/Embassy/Russian visa center and if something is wrong, contact the employees of this consular establishment immediately to correct the data of your Russian visa!

After all the arrangements are made and you are ready to travel to Russia, please don’t forget to take copies of your passport and your valid Russian visa. In case you lose the documents, it will be easier to reissue new ones. After you arrive in Russia, please, don’t forget to fill in migration card that will be given to you on board of your plane or at the customs and keep it until your departure from Russia.
We hope that our Russian travel guide of how to get Russian visa helped you but if you still have some questions, please, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions! Have a great Russia travel adventure!

Dear tourists, “Show me Russia” Travel Agency would like to inform you that we provide visa-free cruise excursions for cruise ship passengers. So what does this mean?

If you are travelling around Baltics on board of a cruise ship and if you are staying in Saint-Petersburg marine port for two or three days – then it will be easier for you to book an all-inclusive tour package and enjoy all the sights of this marvellous city. Don’t worry about visas, invitations, tickets and passport control – the only thing you will need to do before leaving the cruise ship in Saint-Petersburg is to print and show your tour tickets at the customs. We provide a huge variety of interesting St Petersburg cruise tours, which cover the main landmarks, so you will definitely enjoy them all just in two or three days. Besides, you will surely save time and skip all the lines (to the most popular museums of Saint-Petersburg) if you book your cruise excursions with us.

You can also book online special St Petersburg tours according to your preferences – we will show you main Churches, Parks, Museums or the true Local life of Russians. All our St Petersburg guided tours and cruise excursions are organized with a great care for you: we have very professional local guides and skilled drivers with comfortable Mercedes cars and mini vans. We are aware that some cruise ships come to Saint-Petersburg at 7 AM, 8 AM or 9 AM so we are ready to start your tour early in the morning on the day of your arrival. The entrance tickets and lunches at traditional local restaurants are also included in the price of St Petersburg tours for cruise ship passengers.

Once you pay for the tour, you don’t need to pay extra money. You can enjoy a special evening activity with your family or friends – we would be glad to help you to book the best seats for a ballet performance or a folklore show, as well as to organize a romantic dinner on a roof top restaurant in Saint-Petersburg. You may also choose a unique option – to have a vodka tasting tour in the vodka museum. Even if you have already been several times to Saint-Petersburg and if you have already explored the highlights of this city with other cruise excursions, our Show me Russia team would be glad to offer you special customized shore excursions. In comparison with the tours of other tour companies in Russia, we can guarantee you best prices and group discounts. In addition, if you book two or more tours with us, we will provide you another discount with a great pleasure.
Start planning your travel and tours to Russia today and don’t defer your visit to Russia!




“Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides a huge variety of St Petersburg Day Tours for all tourists who are coming to Saint-Petersburg by trains, by planes or by cruise ships. You can book with us not only standard St Petersburg Day tours, walking tour St Petersburg or Moscow, but extraordinary and unique luxury tours Russia like the one to Shuvalovka Village. There, in the typical Russian wooden village, you can learn how to cook traditional Russian meals, how to play traditional Russian musical instruments and sing Russian songs, you can create and paint your own matryoshka doll or learn different handicraft: blacksmith’s, pottery and many others. As it is situated in the countryside of Saint-Petersburg, we provide private transportation to the Shuvalovka Village and back, the price of the private vehicle is included in the price of the tour. We also provide guided services with English, French, Spanish, German – speaking guides.

Another exclusive luxury tour which we offer for tourists travelling to Saint-Petersburg is the tour to Faberge egg museum and State Hermitage museum. In the private Faberge egg museum you will discover Faberge Egg Collection with 9 Imperial Easter Eggs decorated by Carl Faberge for the last Russian Tsars and their wives. You will as well find there a huge collection of Russian silverware, all kinds of jewelry, icon frames, guilloché enamels, stone carvings, 19th century Russian porcelain sets and other works of applied art made by Faberge company and contemporaries of Carl Faberge such as Pavel Ovchinnikov, Pavel Sazikov and Fyodor Rückert. In the State Hermitage museum you will visit 2 special rooms or treasuries – Golden Room and Dimond Room. Inside these rooms we have an exhibition of  Royal Treasures and Diplomatic Gifts from the private collection of Catherine the Great and the biggest collection of ancient Scythian gold which belonged to Peter the Great. As there are only 9 excursians per day in each treasury, we recommend you booking the tour beforehand so we could arrange the best entrance tickets. For more information about the tour to Faberge Egg Museum and Hermitage Treasuries, please, contact us.

diamond-room-hermitage   gold-room-hermitage

If you travel to St Petersburg Russia in Summer, especially during the “White Nights” period (from 22 of May till 22 of June), then it’s a “must-do” to enjoy St Petersburg Nightlife! It is a special romantic tour to well-loved Saint-Petersburg bars and a marvellous boat trip St Petersburg. You will take pleasure in observing the world-famous drawbridges, picturesque canals, and a delightful sunset at midnight! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the night in the breath-taking Venice of the North!

We would as well suggest you exploring unequalled Russian Art Museum. It is not as crowded as the State Hermitage Museum, but it is even more interesting for those who would like to explore Russian Art. Inside you will find nearly 400, 000 pieces of art including ancient Russian icons painted in 10-13th centuries and works of Russian artists who were popular during Soviet Union. If you have questions bout this tour of other St Petersburg excursions, please, contact us, and we will provide you more detailed information.

Those tourists who are searching for the best and the cheapest Moscow Day Tours will find this blog post very useful. On our website you can find TOP Guided Tours Moscow to the most popular landmarks of the Russian Capital. But if you have other plans for Moscow and the only thing you need in Moscow is a good local friend, an interpreter or just a Moscow Tour guide, we would be glad to help you.

Our Moscow Tour guides speak different European languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German, besides they can organize not only a standard tour of Kremlin, but also some unique tours for you, they can as well recommend you the best bars and restaurants, exclusive gift shops or supermarkets. As usual, Moscow tour guides charge 35$ per hour not including tickets and transportation.

In some museums and art galleries in Moscow (like Pushkin Museum), you can rent an audio-guide player at the ticket office. Instead of buying private Kremlin Guided Tour, you can explore the Kremlin and Red Square Moscow on your own with a guidebook, for example. These suggestions are effective for those who want to save money and travel budget on the whole.
According to the means of transport, we advise you to travel across Moscow by buses, by Uber or Gett taxi or by Moscow Metro (the fastest way). For instance, if you’d like to visit Novodevichy Convent on your own, without a private tour, you may travel to Sportivnaya Subway Station and then have a short 7min walk to the Novodevichy Monastery. It is officially opened at 9:00-17:00, but after 17:00 it doesn’t close its doors (as it is a practicing monastery), only the ticket office is closed, so after this time you can walk all around the territory of the Monastery for free (pretending to be a latecomer). Another piece of advice for you – have a walk around the Novodevichy Lake and Novodevichy Necropolis.

If you happen to be in Moscow in Summer, it will be a great adventure to see the capital of Russia from waters of the Moskva River. Don’t want to spend money on a luxury Radisson River Cruise Moscow? – Book tickets to a simple and small Moscow River Tour boat (runs at 10:00-21:30 from Tretyakov Bridge), they have English, Spanish and German audio-guides. So, as you can see, there are different ways of saving money exploring Moscow instead of buying private guided Moscow day tours, if you have more questions about museum tickets, tour guides or transportation – contact us – and we will be glad to help you!