Today we would like to tell you about the mystery of Russian Amber Room. Thousands of tourists who travel to Saint-Petrsburg by trains, by planes or by cruise ships are dreaming to see this “Eight Wonder of the World”. But where to find it? How to get to the place where it is exhibited?

In this article we will sketch in a few details about Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine Palace and Amber Room. Catherine Palace was constructed in the early 18th century in Tsarskoye Selo (Tsar’s Village), 30 km south of St. Petersburg, Russia. Nowadays this place is also called Catherine Palace Pushkin. Because famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied in the Lyceum or School for boys from noble families just next door to the Royal Palace. In the “high” Tourist Season (from May till October) it is almost impossible to get tickets to the Catherine Palace. Because nearly 15 000 tourists visit this museum every day. One will have to spend 4 or 5 hours standing in line to get inside. There are several ways of how to avoid these lines.

Firstly, you can buy tickets to Catherine Palace St Petersburg online on the official website of the museum. But consider booking them beforehand (at least 2 month prior to your visit to Catherine Palace St Petersburg), because there are only 50 tickets available every day. If you are lucky enough to get your entrance tickets online, then you should think about your travel there from the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Taxi will be twice expensive than an average tour to the Catherine Palace. So we recommend you to use Public Transport – have a subway ride to Moskovskaya metro station (blue subway line) and change to the bus № 187 or mini-bus № 342 or 545, but you will also need to walk from the bus stop to the Catherine Palace itself. The way there will take you 1h 40m approximately.

Secondly, you can book online special St Petersburg guided tours and relax. Our “Show me Russia” Travel Agency organizes guided tour to Catherine Palace at the lowest price. For the price of the tour you get individual tickets at a special time which will be the most convenient to you (we also provide early entrance and evening tickets, as well as VIP tickets to the Catherine Palace), private English-speaking guide and private transportation are also included in the price of this guided tour. In case you would like to walk inside the palace through the Royal Entrance and have a cup of tea or coffee in the hidden, secret parlor of the palace we will book VIP tickets to the Catherine Palace for you. If you would like to explore the Amber Room and enjoy a walk or gondola ride in the Catherine Park – check our “Show me Catherine Palace and Park” Tour. For further information, just contact us and we will arrange an individual, customized, St Petersburg guided tours for you.


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