This article will help you to plan your Golden Ring Tours around small Russian villages and Towns in the countryside North-East from Moscow. With this Golden Ring Travel Guide you will find out what Towns to visit, which hotels to book, how to travel from one town to another and other comments and travel tips.

Standard Golden Ring Travel starts in Moscow. If you are for the first time in Moscow we recommend you to check our Moscow Tours. But if you have already been to Moscow or if you want to start your Golden Ring from Moscow straightaway, then first thing you should do – is to find out what Towns you would like to visit. Russia Golden Ring is a special route along ancient medieval Russian Towns, such as: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Rostov Velikiy, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Suzdal, Vladimir, Bogolubovo. It is called the “Golden Ring Russia” because you can start Golden Ring Travel at one town and end your trip at the same place making a ring around small towns nearby.

There are two ways of travelling: by trains, by buses and by private transportation. The cheapest way is to travel by russian trains (“eliktrichkas” in Russian), if you contact us, we will help you with Russian train tickets. But on the other side it is very hard to manage the timetables and not to get lost at the different railway stations or not to miss your train. Some Russian trains arrive late at night, others – early in the morning. Travelling by public buses is also not a good idea, because they are usually very crowded and uncomfortable. Besides, the majority of Russians don’t speak English, so they won’t be able to help you in case you are lost.

If you still decided to travel by buses, browse the information about the central bus stations in each town you are going to visit, get to the station, find a ticket office and purchase your ticket before getting on the bus. Seats are assigned, if you don’t have a number on your ticket – you will have to stand. Unfortunately, you can’t buy bus tickets online beforehand.

The easiest and the most comfortable way of travelling along the Golden Ring Moscow is by private transport. Private transportation as well as services of private English-speaking local guide are included in the prices of our tours. We offer the cheapest and the most popular Golden Ring Tours for TWO and THREE Days. It will be enough to see the main capitals of Golden Ring Russia. If you would like to see the whole Golden Ring from Moscow, contact us, and we will organize special customized tours for you. But traditionally, most tourists book tours to Vladimir, Rostov and Suzdal – the most popular Golden Ring destinations. Because in these towns you will find authentic Russian architecture, medieval monasteries, churches and old Russian kremlins.

Concerning Golden Ring hotels, in each Town which forms Golden Ring Russia there are different cheap B&B Hotels, guest houses, 3 and 4-star hotels. Our classic Golden Ring Tours include accomodation in clean 3-star hotels, located in the central parts of Golden Ring Towns. If you decided to book hotel on your own, please, contact us, and we will organize the transfers and excursions for you in all Russian Towns which you are going to visit. We also provide big discounts for big groups!


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