Dear friends! “Show me Russia” Team would like to show you TOP 10 St Petersburg attractions. We will describe them, tell you how to get to these highlights of Saint-Petersburg, where to book private guided tours or buy individual tickets. If you are dreaming about sightseeing St Petersburg but don’t know where to start – we will help you!

Of course, everyone knows the 1st “must-see” tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – the State Hermitage Museum. It is enormously huge, one will need at least 5 hours to see just a small part of it, as there are 3 mil pieces of art inside! So plan your visit to the Hermitage museum beforegand, besides during “high travel season” from May till September it is very overcrowded, there are huge lines to all the entrances of this world-popular museum. We recommend you to come to the ticket offices at least one or two hours beforehand. Hermitage museum is opened every day except Monday at 10:30-18:00 (long working days are on Wednesdays and Fridays when the museum is opened at 10:30 – 21:00). Entrance fee is 10$ for adults without a guided tour inside. If you’d like to tour Hermitage museum with an english-speaking guide, book our “Show me Hermitage museum Tour“.


The 2d “must-see” of St Petersburg attractions is – Peter and Paul Fortress with a wonderful Peter and Paul Cathedral on its territory. It is situated on a small “Hare Island” in the central part of the Neva River right in front of the State Hermitage Nuseum. The spire of the cathedral with a small figure of an angel on top can be seen from every part of Saint-Petersburg. Besides, Peter and Paul Cathedral is the burial place of Russian Tsars, inside you will see tombs of all Russian Tsars, starting from Peter I and finishing with Nicholas II and his family. The cathedral is opened every day except Wednesday at 10:00 – 18:00 but the territory of the fortress is opened till 20:00. Full ticket costs 8$ approximately. The easiest way to get there is by bus or by subway, it’s not far from the “Gorkovskaya” Metro station (the blue line). If you want a private car or a private guided tour, check our “Show me Churches” Tour.


The 3d TOP Saint-Petersburg attacrion is – St. Isaac’s Cathedral. It is the 4th largest cupola cathedral in the World with its height of nearly 110m! It was designed by French architect Montferrand who spent 40 years to construct it. Nowadays the cathedral is used as a museum and a practicing Russian orthodox church. It is also possible to climb upstairs to the dome but there are no lifts or escalators, only small stone steps. The observation platform is 43m high! Isaac’s Cathedral is oped every day except Wednesdays at 10:30-18:00. Full ticket to the cathedral and to the colonnade upstairs costs 7$. The closest subway station is Admiralteyskaya (purple metro line) but we recommend you to have a 10 min walk across the park from the State Hermitage Museum to Isaac’s Cathedral. If you’d like to have a sightseeing St Petersburg Tour, we can organize it with a private guide and private transportation.


The 4th “must-see” tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood. It is a unique monument dedicated to Russian Tsar – Alexander II who was murdered on the place of this church, hence its name. Inside it is completely covered with 7 000 m2 of mosaics. The floors of this wonderful ornate church are made of Italian Marble. Today it is a museum of mosaics, that’s why you will need special tickets to get inside. Ticket offices are outside the church near the entrance, full adult ticket costs 5$. Please, do have some local cash as they charge in rubles. The church is opened at 10:30 till 18:00 every day except Wednesday. It is situated not far from the main prospect of the city – Nevsky prospect, the metro station is called the same name. You will need to have a short walk along the Griboedov Canal to the church.


The 5th tourist attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – Peterhof. Peterhof gardens were designed by Peter-the-Great in 18th century according to the parks and gardens in Versailles. Of special interest there is the gilded cascade fountain in the central part of the park. During Peterhof tour you will also discover  marble sculptures, dozens of fountains, pavilions and the Grand Peterhof Palace. Hydrofoil to Peterhof is the best way to get to the Gardens. It runs from the pier in front of the State Hermitage Museum. Ticket price to the hydrofoil boat doesn’t cover entrance tickets to the park and the palace. Hydrofoil to Peterhof runs only from May till September; one way ticket costs 17$.  Peterhof gardens are opened daily from 10:30 till 18:00, full ticket for adults costs 10$. The first boat to Peterhof is at 10:00, the last one – at 19:00. If you’d like special comfortable Peterhof Tours from St Petersburg, check our “Show me Parks and Gardens Tour“.


The 6th main St Petersburg attractions are – Catherine Palace and Amber Room. We have already described different ways of travelling there in this blog post. So, please, dont forget to exchange money to local cash as entrance tickets costs 700 rubles or 12$ approximately. The Palace is opened daily at 10:00-18:00. Contact us to book the guided tour to the Catherine Palace or check it – here.


The 7th “must-see” tourist attraction is – Faberge Egg Museum St Petersburg with an exclusive Faberge Imperial Collection inside. It is exhibited in the Shuvalov Palace which situates on the Fontanka River Embankment, only 15 min walk from the Gostiny Dvor Subway Station on Nevsky Prospect. The museum is opened daily at 10-20:45, admission fee is 10$ without a guided tour. If you’d like a guided tour inside, we offer you a wonderful Tour to Faberge museum and a Canal ride afterwards.


The 8th TOP Saint-Petersburg tourist attraction is – Yusupov Palace. It is famous for its amazing interiors and pieces of furniture and for a mysterious story of Rasputin’s slaughter. As the plot to kill Rasputin was organized by the owner of this palace – Felix Yusupov. Visit the palace and learn more about these events. It is opened daily at 11-17:00, admission fee is 7$. As it is situated on the Moika River Embankment, there is no subway station nearby, you can have a short walk along the river from Isaac’s Cathedral or Nevsky Prospect.


The 9th “must-see” St-Petersburg tourist attraction is – Dostoevsky museum. As you may know, famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky lived in Saint-Petersburg, rented flats there and published his novels (like “Crime and Punichment”) there. So it is a “must” to visit his flat and enjoy the atmosphere of his Saint-Petersburg, if you are a fan of this writer. The Dostoevsky museum is opened daily except Mondays at 11-17:30. Adult ticket costs 4$. The easiest way to get to the museum is by metro, you will need Dostoevskaya Subway Station.


The 10th and the most popular attraction in Saint-Petersburg is – Russian Vodka Museum. There you will find a wonderful collection of different types of Russian vodka, you will try traditional Russian snacks and learn how to drink and party like Russians. For more info, check our unique vodka Tour St Petersburg.



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