Everybody knows that it is practically impossible to travel to Russia without visiting Ballet, Opera performance or a Folklore Show. Also every tourist knows the most popular Opera and Ballet Theatres in Russia – Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow & Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg. But not everybody knows where to buy Mariinsky Theatre Tickets. In this article we will clarify different ways of buying tickets to St Petersburg Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet tickets or tickets to the Russian Folklore show St Petersburg.

At first, you should decide what kind of performance would you like to see. Is it a famous “Swan Lake”, “Giselle” or “Nutcracker” Ballet in St Petersburg? Or would you like to listen to an Opera like “Boris Godunov”, “The Queen of Spades” or “Eugin Onegin”? Maybe you are more interested in Folk Show? The most famous folk show St Petesburg is called “Feel Yourself like Russian” during which you will enjoy various Russian traditional dances performed by famous dance groups dressed in traditional Russian dresses and costumes.

Second, you should decide which Theatre would you like to visit? In Saint-Petersburg there are 4 Royal Theatres where they perform classical Russian Ballet – Alexandrinsky Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Hermitage Theatre and Mariinsky Theatre. Also, 3 years ago in 2014 the second stage of Mariinsky Theatre was opened to the public just next door to the Main Mariinsky Theatre. Mariinsky II provides comfortable seats for 2,000 people, wonderful acoustics and amazing interiors. We recommend you to have some cash in rubles with you because in the majority of theatres credit cards are not accepted. The Folklore Show St Petersburg takes place at Nikolaevsky Palace, which sometimes is referred to as Labour Palace.

Third, you should figure out how would you like to travel to the chosen theatre? Overcrowded public transport will be very problematic for dressed up people who prepared to visit a theatre performance. Besides, all peformances usually take place at 7 or 8 PM when there are heavy traffic jams in Saint-Petersburg. We recommend you travelling by Taxi (Uber or Gett Taxi are available in Saint-Petersburg) or book a private transfer from your hotel or cruise ship through our Travel Agency. We also organize special Mariinsky Ballet Tour and Show me the Show Tour at reasonable prices.

Finally, you should book tickets to the chosen performance. You can do it in any ticket office which can be found inside or outside every Subway Station in Saint-Petersburg (yellow color booth), another option is to buy tickets online on the official websites of the theatres listed above. But, please, keep in mind, that during “high tourist season” from May till September it is practically impossible to book good seats for Russian Folklore show St Petersburg or Mariinsky Ballet Tickets. So it is important to book tickets at least one month before the performance or to contact us and we will provide you with the best tickets to Russian Opera, Ballet or Folk Show at any time at a fix price!


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