“Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides a huge variety of St Petersburg Day Tours for all tourists who are coming to Saint-Petersburg by trains, by planes or by cruise ships. You can book with us not only standard St Petersburg Day tours, walking tour St Petersburg or Moscow, but extraordinary and unique luxury tours Russia like the one to Shuvalovka Village. There, in the typical Russian wooden village, you can learn how to cook traditional Russian meals, how to play traditional Russian musical instruments and sing Russian songs, you can create and paint your own matryoshka doll or learn different handicraft: blacksmith’s, pottery and many others. As it is situated in the countryside of Saint-Petersburg, we provide private transportation to the Shuvalovka Village and back, the price of the private vehicle is included in the price of the tour. We also provide guided services with English, French, Spanish, German – speaking guides.

Another exclusive luxury tour which we offer for tourists travelling to Saint-Petersburg is the tour to Faberge egg museum and State Hermitage museum. In the private Faberge egg museum you will discover Faberge Egg Collection with 9 Imperial Easter Eggs decorated by Carl Faberge for the last Russian Tsars and their wives. You will as well find there a huge collection of Russian silverware, all kinds of jewelry, icon frames, guilloché enamels, stone carvings, 19th century Russian porcelain sets and other works of applied art made by Faberge company and contemporaries of Carl Faberge such as Pavel Ovchinnikov, Pavel Sazikov and Fyodor Rückert. In the State Hermitage museum you will visit 2 special rooms or treasuries – Golden Room and Dimond Room. Inside these rooms we have an exhibition of  Royal Treasures and Diplomatic Gifts from the private collection of Catherine the Great and the biggest collection of ancient Scythian gold which belonged to Peter the Great. As there are only 9 excursians per day in each treasury, we recommend you booking the tour beforehand so we could arrange the best entrance tickets. For more information about the tour to Faberge Egg Museum and Hermitage Treasuries, please, contact us.

diamond-room-hermitage   gold-room-hermitage

If you travel to St Petersburg Russia in Summer, especially during the “White Nights” period (from 22 of May till 22 of June), then it’s a “must-do” to enjoy St Petersburg Nightlife! It is a special romantic tour to well-loved Saint-Petersburg bars and a marvellous boat trip St Petersburg. You will take pleasure in observing the world-famous drawbridges, picturesque canals, and a delightful sunset at midnight! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the night in the breath-taking Venice of the North!

We would as well suggest you exploring unequalled Russian Art Museum. It is not as crowded as the State Hermitage Museum, but it is even more interesting for those who would like to explore Russian Art. Inside you will find nearly 400, 000 pieces of art including ancient Russian icons painted in 10-13th centuries and works of Russian artists who were popular during Soviet Union. If you have questions bout this tour of other St Petersburg excursions, please, contact us, and we will provide you more detailed information.

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