Today we would like to talk about Trans Siberian Travel. So if you are planning your Russia Travels this article is written escpecially for you. Let’s imagine that you have already bought your plane tickets to Moscow, you’ve got Russian visa but you decided to travel on your own, without buying guided tours and tour packages. Or on the contrary, you’ve already been to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg several times and now you are dreaming about travelling to Russia all by yourself. What should you do? Where to buy Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets? What kind of train is running across the whole Russia? What types of Trans Siberian Railway Tickets there are in Russia? What is the price? Where are those ticket offices? Is there a website where one can buy those tickets online? So many questions – so little answers. But in this blog post we will try to answer them all so you can set your mind with your future Trans Siberian Railway Trip.

At firsrt, let’s define types of Trans Siberian Trains:

  • Tsar’s Gold Private Train (from Moscow to Beijing and back, runs only once a month from May till September: 06.05.17-21.05.17, 03.06.17-18.06.17, 21.06.17-14.07.17, 22.07.17-06.08.17, 17.08.17 – 01.09.17, 09.09.17-24.09.17). There are different cabin classes: Standard Class, Classic & Superior, Nostalgic Comfort, Bolshoi, Bolshoi Platinum. For more pictures of the cabins, contact us and we will provide you with detailed explanation.


  • Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Train (from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till September, provides stopovers in each town (Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Baikal Lake, Ulan Ude, UlaanBaatar, Vladivostok) on its way, covers the area of Mongolia, meals on board are included in the ticket price). Three different classes of cabins: Silver, Gold & Imperial Class, besides there are Twin and Single beds. For more information about Trans Siberian Railway Price, please, contact us.


  • Imperial Russia Train (from Moscow to Beijing, from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till August, provides stopovers and meals on board). Trains provide different classes of cabins – First Class, First Class +, Business Class, VIP. For more information about Trans Siberian Express Cost, please, contact us:


  • Rossiya Trans Siberian Train (Runs from Moscow to Vladivostok across the whole Russia all year round during 6 days and 2 hours, no meals included in the ticket, but there is a restaurant in one of the carriages) There are also three types of carriages – “platskart” (opened compartment with no doors (pic 1), “kupe” (private compatment for 4 people, “lux” (private compartment for 2 people (pic 2). For more information about Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets, contact us and we will help you with booking!

platskart-russian-train lux-russian-train-compartment

Now, as you know the types of Russian trains and the types of compartments, you should decide with prices. All train tickets are sold 45 days in prior to the departure day. Trans Siberian Railroad tickets cost from 100$ – 900 $ per person depending on the time of the year, type of train and train compartments. All tickets include bed linen, some train tickets to trans siberian travel also includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board. Tickets to Trans Siberian Train can be bought online on official RZD Russian website or in the ticket office at each railway station. If you’d like us to book you and your friends special group tickets with discounts, contact us:

Other FAQs about Trans Siberian Travel were discussed and answered in the blog post – here.

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