Dear visitors of our website! Today we would like to clarify different types of accomodation and hotels which “Show me Russia” Travel Agency provides for those tourists who are going on Trans Siberian Holidays! All our prices for Trans Siberian Railway Tours include accomodation in centrally located, comfortable 3-*** Hotels, tickets to Transsiberian Railway, Tours and Excursions, Transfers, Guided Services and meals. Here is a list of hotels which we recommend to our clients in each Russian Town along Trans Siberian Railway:

Accomodation in Yekaterinburg:

  • Tenet Hotel *** – international , comfortable, welcoming hotel, located in the top-rated area in Yekaterinburg. It provides Standard DBL, Standard TWIN, Standard Premium and Junior Suite at a reasonable price with FREE WiFi connection. Prices fluctuate (75$ – 140$ per night) depending on the time of the year and during the period of National holidays.

tenet-hotel tenet-hotel-ekaterinburg

  • Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg *** – modern, newly constructed hotel with 24-hour front dest and only a short walk from Ekaterinburg Opera & Ballet. 160 rooms in Park Inn Ekaterinburg (80$ – 120$ per night) offer guests Free Wifi Internet, satellite television and heated bathroom floors. After a long day of sightseeing or business meetings, you can relax in the privacy of your room with a drink from the mini bar.

park-inn-ekaterinburg park-inn-hotel

  • Tsentralny Hotel Ekaterinburg *** – has an excellent location, pleasant staff and delicious breakfasts. This Hotel was distinguished by its remarkable appearance among the other hospitality places in Ekaterinburg as it was constructed in 1928. Inside you will find stucco-decorated ceilings, luxuriant chandeliers, tremendous mirrors, wide marble staircases, fine banisters with open-work balusters, stair carpets and massive lifts. Today this hotel offers SNGL, DBL, TWIN, STUDIO & DELUX Rooms, the price varies according to the type of rooms (from 50$ – 150$).

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Accomodation in Novosibirsk:

  • Azimut Hotel (Sibir) *** – offers high level service, comfortable rooms, closest location to the Railway Station (only 30 min walk), different rooms from standard to deluxe categories (starting from 35$ to 80$ per night), free Wifi connection, and a cosy relaxation area with a spacious hall and a small reservoir with heated water.

azimut-sibir-hotel azimut-hotel-novosibirsk

  • River Park Hotel *** – provides 216 Rooms with 5 different categories (SNGL, SUPERIOR SINGLE, STANDARD, STUDIO, BUSINESS STUDIO). All rooms are equipped with FREE Wifi Internet, air conditioner, River View and everything you need for a comfortable stay. Prices fluctuate (37$ – 85$ per night) depending on the time of the year and during the period of National holidays.

river-park river-park-novosibirsk

Accomodation in Irkutsk:

  • Hotel Europe *** – provides spacious, clean rooms, delicious cafeteria, one of the best location – only 5 min walk to the main shopping area of Irkutsk. Prices depend on the season and the type of Room – SNGL, DBL, ECONOMY TWIN, JUNIOR SUITE & STUDIO (from 70$ – 170$ per night).

europe-hotel europe-hotel-irkutsk

  • Irkutsk Hotel *** – located on the Angara-river bank this hotel is one of the biggest and most famous hotel complexes of the city. It’s a 9-stored building with a well-developed infrastructure. The hotel offers easy access to major attractions, including the historical heart of the city and Siberian wooden houses. there are 4 categories of rooms – DBL, STUDIO, LUX, APPARTMENT with the prices starting from 80$ to 180$.

irkutsk-hotel-2 irkutsk-hotel

  • Hotel Victoria *** – provides good rooms, comfortable beds, central location, friendly and helpful staff and generous breakfasts. Inside you will discover 3 categories of rooms with Free Wifi Internet – STANDARD, SUPERIOR, STUDIO (from 70$ – 110$ per night).

victoria-hotel-irkutsk victoria-hotel

Accomodation on Baikal Lake:

  • Hotel Mayak (Lighthouse) ****– offers one of the best locations, window views, good and helpful English-speaking staff, great breakfasts with a lot of choices.The hotel also has a steam bath and a sauna. The rooms of “Mayak” Hotel are simply furnished and include a TV and a private bathroom. There are 4 types of rooms – SGL, TWIN, DOUBLE and STUDIO at a reasonable prices (from 35$ – 70$ per night).

mayak-hotel-baikal mayak-hotel

  • Baikal Legend Hotel *** – There are 37 rooms at this hotel with peaceful and calm atmosphere, ranging from standard single rooms to lush suites. There is also a sauna to have fun, relax, and forget all your problems. It’s a wonderful way of improving your health on the shore of Baikal Lake. Prices are available upon request, please, contac us to get your Siberian Railway cost, if you’d like to stay in this hotel.

baikal-legend baikal-legend

Accomodation in Ulan-Ude:

  • Buryatia Hotel *** – offers excellent location, cheap and comfortable rooms, friendly English-speaking staff. Traditional Buryat specialities and European cuisine is served in the Chashka café, with a breakfast provided each morning. The Opera and Ballet Theatre is just a 2-minute walk from the hotel, and Bajkal Airport is a 20-minute drive away. There are 7 categories of Rooms – SNGL (economy), TWIN (economy), SNGL & TWIN (standard), STUDIO, SUITE, APPARTMENT with the prices ranging from 30$ up to 110$ per night.

buryatia-hotel buryatia0hotel-ulan-ude

Accomodation in Vladivostok:

  • Azimut Hotel Vladivostok **** – it is a modern smart hotel in the centre of Vladivostok with panoramic views to the sea and Amur Bay, beach and the Oceanarium is only 5 min walk. Hotel has a sport gym, free wifi internet and buffet breakfast. There are 3 categories of comfortable and spacious rooms – SMART STANDARD, SMART SUPERIOR, SMART SUITE at a good price from 50$ to 110$ accordingly.

azimut-hotel-vladivostok azimut-vladivostok

  • Primorye Hotel *** – It has convenient location in the historic and business downtown , just in 5 min. of walk to the railway station, passenger marine terminal and city square. There are 120 rooms in the hotel (SNGL, TWIN, DBL, SUITE, STUDIO), they all are equipped with everything necessary for work and rest and will satisfy even the highest demands. Prices vary according to the rooms’ categories – from 85$ to 185$ per night.

primorye-hotel-vladivostok primorye-hotel

Vladivostok is the last stop of the Siberian Train from Moscow, if you are interested in Mongolian Railway, check our guided tour package. If you would like to upgrade your accomodation to 5-star hotels in each town shown in the itenerary, please, contact us to book Trans Siberian Railway with additional prices for better accomodation. If you prefer to book these hotels on your own, contact us and provide with all the details of your accomodations so we could arrange Transfers and Tours for you. Trans Siberian Railway Book it today and get a special group discounts for your future trip!

Hello there, beloved explorers! Do you want to travel Mongolia? Can’t hear you, maybe you’ve already started packing your backpacks and suitcases. Wait a minute, please. Take a pen and a piece of paper. We are going to describe main towns, national parks, and the most popular highlights of this country. At first, write down TOP 7 things to do in Mongolia!

  • Take a selfie with the massive bronze statue of Chinggis Khaan in Ulaanbaatar
  • Pass one or two nights in GER (“yurt”), the portable dwelling of Mongols, feel the local atmosphere
  • Have a horse ride across the National Terelj park to Nomadic Tribes
  • Try “Kumis” – traditional Mongolian dairy product, made of mare’s milk
  • Purchase a shawl made of the most delicate Mongolian cashmere (find the best shops like Goyo, Gobi Cashmere or Buyan, or buy it in the local village)
  • Enjoy the sunset at the impressive Turtle Rock
  • Take pleasure in listening traditional instrumental music during the Mongolian National Folklore Show

All these things you can experience during our Trans Mongolian Tours or you can arrange your Mongolia Tours yourselves after booking train tickets from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar (4 days and 5 hours) or from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar (just 36 hours). Of course, in Ulan-Bator there is the Chinggis Khaan International Airport so you can take a plane from Moscow (6 hours) or from Irkutsk (1h30min). Don’t forget to exchange money in the airport or in a bank, as they have a special Mongolian currency – Tughrik (MNT) – 1 USD = 2476,83 MNT; 1 EUR = 2635,1 MNT.

Climate in Mongolia is sharply continental, so in Summer it can be +32, in Winter – 32. That’s why consider taking some warm clothes with you, if you are planning to Travel Mongolia in Winter. The best time to have Mongolia Tours is from May till October.

According to visa policy of Mongolia, please, check the websites of the US Embassy of Mongolia or UK Embassy of Mongolia.

You may as well include a visit to Mongolia in your Trans Siberian Railway Moscow and explore the whole Russia from Moscow to Baikal Lake. The best way to discover Russia is – to travel from one town to another town by trains or to book one of our best Trans Siberian Railway Tours. These tour packages include train tickets, accomodations, tour programs, guided services, tickets to all the landmarks, and meals. We offer discounts for big groups, so before booking our tours online, don’t hesitate to contact us:

If you are intersted in the cost of Trans Siberian Railway , at first, check the blog post about different types of Russian trains and train compartments, then contact us so we could help you with booking your special customized Trans Siberian Tour. Remember, that all train tickets are sold in Russia 45 days in prior to the day of your train trip and all prices grow during Summertime, that’s why it is cheaper to travel Mongolia or Travel Trans Siberian Railway in Winter. On the whole, Trans Siberian Train Price hovers around 100$ – 300$ for the cheapest tickets. Here, on the official website of Russian Railways, you can check prices for all trains across Russia. It will be more difficult to find a website which sells tickets to Mongolian trains online, as usual, they are provided only by travel agencies.

We suggest you to travel Mongolia and enjoy your Trans Siberian Tour without further delay. Never stop exploring!

Today we would like to talk about Trans Siberian Travel. So if you are planning your Russia Travels this article is written escpecially for you. Let’s imagine that you have already bought your plane tickets to Moscow, you’ve got Russian visa but you decided to travel on your own, without buying guided tours and tour packages. Or on the contrary, you’ve already been to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg several times and now you are dreaming about travelling to Russia all by yourself. What should you do? Where to buy Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets? What kind of train is running across the whole Russia? What types of Trans Siberian Railway Tickets there are in Russia? What is the price? Where are those ticket offices? Is there a website where one can buy those tickets online? So many questions – so little answers. But in this blog post we will try to answer them all so you can set your mind with your future Trans Siberian Railway Trip.

At firsrt, let’s define types of Trans Siberian Trains:

  • Tsar’s Gold Private Train (from Moscow to Beijing and back, runs only once a month from May till September: 06.05.17-21.05.17, 03.06.17-18.06.17, 21.06.17-14.07.17, 22.07.17-06.08.17, 17.08.17 – 01.09.17, 09.09.17-24.09.17). There are different cabin classes: Standard Class, Classic & Superior, Nostalgic Comfort, Bolshoi, Bolshoi Platinum. For more pictures of the cabins, contact us and we will provide you with detailed explanation.


  • Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Train (from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till September, provides stopovers in each town (Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Baikal Lake, Ulan Ude, UlaanBaatar, Vladivostok) on its way, covers the area of Mongolia, meals on board are included in the ticket price). Three different classes of cabins: Silver, Gold & Imperial Class, besides there are Twin and Single beds. For more information about Trans Siberian Railway Price, please, contact us.


  • Imperial Russia Train (from Moscow to Beijing, from Moscow to Vladivostok, runs from May till August, provides stopovers and meals on board). Trains provide different classes of cabins – First Class, First Class +, Business Class, VIP. For more information about Trans Siberian Express Cost, please, contact us:


  • Rossiya Trans Siberian Train (Runs from Moscow to Vladivostok across the whole Russia all year round during 6 days and 2 hours, no meals included in the ticket, but there is a restaurant in one of the carriages) There are also three types of carriages – “platskart” (opened compartment with no doors (pic 1), “kupe” (private compatment for 4 people, “lux” (private compartment for 2 people (pic 2). For more information about Trans Siberian Railroad Tickets, contact us and we will help you with booking!

platskart-russian-train lux-russian-train-compartment

Now, as you know the types of Russian trains and the types of compartments, you should decide with prices. All train tickets are sold 45 days in prior to the departure day. Trans Siberian Railroad tickets cost from 100$ – 900 $ per person depending on the time of the year, type of train and train compartments. All tickets include bed linen, some train tickets to trans siberian travel also includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners on board. Tickets to Trans Siberian Train can be bought online on official RZD Russian website or in the ticket office at each railway station. If you’d like us to book you and your friends special group tickets with discounts, contact us:

Other FAQs about Trans Siberian Travel were discussed and answered in the blog post – here.

If you decided to go on Transsiberian Tour, you should start planning it beforehand. Train tickets in Russia are sold 45-60 days in prior to the departure date, so it’s better to decide with the itinerary around three months before you go on this unique package tour!

You can book any of our standard Trans Siberian railway tours online but if you want to change something in the itinerary, add or exclude some stopovers, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you don’t want to book any standard Transsiberian, with this post we want to help you to choose the perfect Trans Siberian or Trans Mongolian itinerary.  So, you are ready to go on the one of the most adventurous journey of your lifetime, Transsiberian or Trans Mongolian trip, what should you do?

How many days do you have for the whole trip?

First of all, you should decide how many days you have for your Trans Siberian Railway or Trans Mongolian Railway tours. If you have just a couple of weeks then you’ll be able to stop at three or four cities and spend a day or two there. If you have around three weeks you can enjoy a trip around the whole Russia! From Saint Petersburg or Moscow to Vladivostok or Mongolia and China, from West to East, all way by train! If you just have a few days we would recommend you to fly out to Irkutsk and spend this time at the shore of the famous Baikal lake – that will be an unforgettable experience, no matter if you travel in Winter or in Summer. So, if you want to book any customized tour, please let us know how many days have you got for the trip so that we can offer you the best cities and the way to see them.

When approximately are you going to do the trip?

Please, let us know in which season do you want to go, so that we could arrange some special Summer or Winter tours for you. In Summer you can enjoy trekking tours and in winter – dog sledging tours, snowmobile tours, etc.

Where would you like to start and end your Trans-Siberian adventure?

Classical Trans Siberian Express covers the area from Moscow to Vladivostok or vice versa, classical Trans Mongolian Railway covers the cities from Moscow  to Ulaanbaatar or vice versa but you can actually start and end your trip anywhere on the way of your Moscow to Beijing train; we can add Saint Petersburg, Kazan and other famous Russian towns, which are not considered as Transsiberian cities but nevertheless can be visited as a part of your adventurous journey!

Do you have any preferences?

If you want to add any specific town to your itinerary: Perm, Tomsk, Omsk, Chita or any other city in Russia, Mongolia or China – we’ll be glad to make an itinerary according to your own preferences, just contact us!

What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

All hotels included in our Trans Siberian Railway Tours or Trans-Mongolian Railway Trips are centrically located. clean and comfortable 3-stars ones. But if you want to upgrade your accomodation or choose any specific hotel in each city, please don’t hesitate to contact us letting us know what kind of accommodation will be perfect for you. Please, also let us know what type of room do you need.

Are meals included in Trans Siberian Railway Tour or Trans Mongolian Railway Tour packages?

Breakfasts at the hotels and some lunches during the tours are included, however meals on trains and dinners are not included.
If you want to travel Russian style, we would recommend you to buy some snacks and drinks before you take the train, because that’s how Russians do. If not, there is a restaurant on each Transsiberian and Trans Mongolian Express and we recommend you to take some cash in roubles with you, 1000 – 1500 roubles per person per day should be enough. You can also buy some food and drinks during short stops that train does on the way. Bed linen is included in the price for the train tickets, so don’t need to worry about this.
If you would like all meals to be included in the price, please, contact us for further information.

Can I pay by credit card in local restaurants or shops?

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere in Russia, though in big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg Visa and MasterCard are widely used. We suggest you to take some cash in USD or EUR with you and exchange them in a bank. We do not advice you to change money at the airport because their exchange rate is usually higher than in the city.

What kind of Russian train tickets are included in the package tour? 1st or 2nd class?

Train tickets included in our Trans Siberian Railway or Trans Mongolian Railway Tours are 2nd class (in a comfortable compartment for four persons). If you would like to upgrade your train ticket class, please contact us!

What is your citizenship?

Please, let us know about your citizenship so that we can inform you about visa requirements in Russia, Mongolia and China for your country.

What should I wear?

We recommend you to check weather forecast in each city you are going to visit beforehand and decide what kind of clothes you would like to take with you. Weather in Russia is very unpredictable, so it’s better to check the forecast one or two days before you go.
It’s always better to travel light-handed, so take some warm and comfortable clothes and proper shoes with you as well as other necessary things.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.