Hello there, beloved explorers! Do you want to travel Mongolia? Can’t hear you, maybe you’ve already started packing your backpacks and suitcases. Wait a minute, please. Take a pen and a piece of paper. We are going to describe main towns, national parks, and the most popular highlights of this country. At first, write down TOP 7 things to do in Mongolia!

  • Take a selfie with the massive bronze statue of Chinggis Khaan in Ulaanbaatar
  • Pass one or two nights in GER (“yurt”), the portable dwelling of Mongols, feel the local atmosphere
  • Have a horse ride across the National Terelj park to Nomadic Tribes
  • Try “Kumis” – traditional Mongolian dairy product, made of mare’s milk
  • Purchase a shawl made of the most delicate Mongolian cashmere (find the best shops like Goyo, Gobi Cashmere or Buyan, or buy it in the local village)
  • Enjoy the sunset at the impressive Turtle Rock
  • Take pleasure in listening traditional instrumental music during the Mongolian National Folklore Show

All these things you can experience during our Trans Mongolian Tours or you can arrange your Mongolia Tours yourselves after booking train tickets from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar (4 days and 5 hours) or from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar (just 36 hours). Of course, in Ulan-Bator there is the Chinggis Khaan International Airport so you can take a plane from Moscow (6 hours) or from Irkutsk (1h30min). Don’t forget to exchange money in the airport or in a bank, as they have a special Mongolian currency – Tughrik (MNT) – 1 USD = 2476,83 MNT; 1 EUR = 2635,1 MNT.

Climate in Mongolia is sharply continental, so in Summer it can be +32, in Winter – 32. That’s why consider taking some warm clothes with you, if you are planning to Travel Mongolia in Winter. The best time to have Mongolia Tours is from May till October.

According to visa policy of Mongolia, please, check the websites of the US Embassy of Mongolia or UK Embassy of Mongolia.

You may as well include a visit to Mongolia in your Trans Siberian Railway Moscow and explore the whole Russia from Moscow to Baikal Lake. The best way to discover Russia is – to travel from one town to another town by trains or to book one of our best Trans Siberian Railway Tours. These tour packages include train tickets, accomodations, tour programs, guided services, tickets to all the landmarks, and meals. We offer discounts for big groups, so before booking our tours online, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@showmerussia.com

If you are intersted in the cost of Trans Siberian Railway , at first, check the blog post about different types of Russian trains and train compartments, then contact us so we could help you with booking your special customized Trans Siberian Tour. Remember, that all train tickets are sold in Russia 45 days in prior to the day of your train trip and all prices grow during Summertime, that’s why it is cheaper to travel Mongolia or Travel Trans Siberian Railway in Winter. On the whole, Trans Siberian Train Price hovers around 100$ – 300$ for the cheapest tickets. Here, on the official website of Russian Railways, you can check prices for all trains across Russia. It will be more difficult to find a website which sells tickets to Mongolian trains online, as usual, they are provided only by travel agencies.

We suggest you to travel Mongolia and enjoy your Trans Siberian Tour without further delay. Never stop exploring!

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